Watch A Crazy Powerful Ford Mustang Drift At The Nürburging

The Nürburging is where every car makes a name for itself, and this 900 hp Mustang did just that, showing off it's drifting ability.

Ford Performance reveals just how a stupidly powerful modified Mustang can drift the entire Nürburging.

All 12.9 miles of it.

Normally, drift races are relatively short courses, maybe no more than a few miles. The reason for this is simple: drifting isn’t exactly the fastest way to go, and completing a 2-mile circuit will still take several minutes.

Drifting the entire Nürburging probably took quite some time. However, a new video from Ford Performance gives us a brief 3-minute snapshot on just how amazing the first even full-drift hot lap of The Green Hell really was.

Behind the wheel of a heavily modified Mustang RTR is Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. He’s done a few jobs for Ford Performance, usually showcasing his incredible drift skills in various pumped-up Ford vehicles. This is really no different as Gittin sets out to become the Drift King of the Ring.

Those are Ford’s words, not ours.

Here’s the thing about The Ring: yes, it has many lovely curves that ann drift racer would be happy to loop around, but it also has a bunch of straightaways that make it a little tricky to stay sideways on.

That’s apparently not a problem for Gittin Jr.--this guy has probably never driven a straight line in his life. Rather than simply blasting the straight-aways as a normal car would, Gittin instead performs several rolling donuts until he’s traveled far enough to continue his drift, all while his supercharged engine and tires are both screaming bloody murder.


If you’re thinking it’s a miracle his tires survived all 13 miles, you’re wrong. They didn’t. According to the comments on one of Gittin Jr.’s Instagram posts, he went through “a few sets” of tires to get the whole Ring completed.

Jalopnik reports that this is actually the first of several videos featuring Gittin’s record-breaking run, which means we might be in store for even more crazy drift shenanigans at Germany’s Nürburging. And we may even have a much longer video to see where each of Gittin’s tires finally fail.

Stay tuned for more as Ford posts to YouTube.


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