Ford’s Mustang-Inspired Electric Crossover Debuting This Year

Electric Crossover

Ford’s first electric crossover is coming later this year, according to a new report.

The Mustang-inspired electric crossover that Ford is so very much excited about is inching ever closer to reality. According to a new report from Autocar, Ford will unveil Mustang-inspired electric crossover this year, with sales to start in 2020. That’s just in time for the M-IEC to compete with Tesla’s crossover offering, the Model Y.

Presumably, someone inside Ford gave Autocar the inside scoop as they don’t specifically mention any sources, but the British publication confirmed that the M-IEC will at least not bear the name “Mach 1” as had been feared some time ago. Mustang enthusiasts nearly stormed Detroit with pitchforks and torches at the mere suggestion that an electric crossover of any sort could bear the storied Mach 1 name, so Ford backed down from that moniker.

The recently trademarked “Mach-E” seems like a much better fit for the M-IEC anyway.

We know very little about what the M-IEC will arrive with. We do know that it will have an electric platform supporting both rear and all-wheel-drive, suggesting that the crossover will have either one or two electric motors, depending on the trim level. We also know it will have a range of 370 miles, exceeding the range of current Tesla Model X (351 miles) and the expected range of the Tesla Model Y (300 miles).

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A cheaper version with a smaller battery is also expected to be offered.

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Issues preventing more customers from getting behind the wheel of an electric car, such as charging time and safety, will also be addressed.

The Mustang crossover is not the only electric car in Ford's design pipeline. Autocar also revealed a more affordable electric crossover, codenamed CX430, is also in development. It's expected to be based on the Focus platform and has a similar appearance to the new Ford Kuga/Explorer.

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