Ford Mustang GT Leaves Cars And Coffee Event In A Blaze Of Brown Dust

The incident, which reportedly took place on Sunday in Knightdale, NC, fortunately, resulted in no injuries but did leave a few people frazzled.

The driver of a Ford Mustang GT leaving a 'cars and coffee' event certainly made an impression exiting the venue. After attempting a burnout, the car careened off the road and flipped in a dusty cloud of dirt.

The incident, which reportedly took place on Sunday at the Cars and Coffee in Knightdale, North Carolina, fortunately, resulted in no injuries but did leave a few people frazzled. According to the Knightsdale Police Department, the driver of the Ford Mustang, “Accelerating from traffic light on Knightdale Boulevard. Pushed the gas, lost control, overcorrected and overturned.”

The car, a 2013 or 2014 Mustang GT, which features standard "blacked out" taillights and a front fascia that resembles the Shelby GT500 models, boasts 420 horsepower, yet for all its muscle, on this occasion, its performance is a bit pitiful.

After ending up on its roof, several onlookers rush over to check on the driver, who doesn’t appear in the video but is reportedly unharmed. The car, on the other hand, is a grassy mess. The crash manages to bend the roof, bang up the hood, crush the windshield and crumple the front fender. The Mustang driver was reportedly given a “ticket for careless and reckless [driving],” according to police.

The entire incident is both embarrassing and a good reminder of why you shouldn’t attempt to show off on a public roadway. Luckily, there were no bystanders or other cars nearby, so this didn’t end in tragedy. Nonetheless, the track is where you should showcase your moves, not the highway.

Two months ago, two Hondo, Texas men died after their 2002 Ford Mustang GT separated into three pieces after hitting a tree and dumpster in the parking lot of a public recreation area. Witnesses reported hearing the roar of the car’s engine, then skidding and a loud crash. Police officers found the two men, Juan Talamantes, 25, the driver of the vehicle, and Nathan Brickles, 25, in the passenger section of the vehicle, dead at the scene.

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Police also found several containers of beer and attributed the crash to speed and alcohol. As a result of the accident, the family of Nathan Brickles may be entitled to a wrongful death lawsuit to collect compensation for the loss of a loved one, emotional trauma, funeral, and medical expenses, and other damages.

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