New Video For Ford's Mustang-inspired Electric SUV Signals Upcoming Reveal

Ford is working on an electric crossover, and we just got our first look courtesy of a new teaser video.

Soon enough, Ford will be previewing or unveiling its all-electric Mustang-inspired sport utility vehicle. The US carmaker had said in January that this electric crossover would be revealed at some point this year. The drum started rolling for Ford in September when it teased us with some videos.

With barely two months left in 2019, Ford posted a new short video – around 28 seconds in length – in one of its official Facebook pages. The video showed the new electric offering being driven by a professional driver at Grattan Raceway in Belding, Michigan. While it hasn’t been confirmed if the prototype shown in the teaser video is indeed the Mustang-inspired electric SUV, but the carmaker’s promise to reveal this product within this year cannot be ignored.


Ford’s video started off by simply stating an issue that has long boggled potential EV customers – the lack of driving fun when behind the wheel of an electric vehicle. This is somehow a clue that could point to the eventual reveal of the new all-electric SUV. After all, a Mustang-inspired electric SUV should be fun to drive.

After showing how they employed an advanced 3D simulator to ensure that the electric SUV can reach its max potential, Ford took the pre-production model to a pulsating drive at Grattan Raceway. Heavily camouflaged to conceal its true looks, the pre-production model eased its way through the tracks. The video ended announcing that the carmaker’s electric vehicles are coming, implying impending reveal.


Ford is not kidding though. In August, it was revealed that the US carmaker is developing two all-electric crossover SUVs with codenames CDX746 and CDX747. To bear Ford and Lincoln badges, these new models are up for release in the market in late 2022. The Mustang-inspired electric SUV, on the other hand, is scheduled to be launched in 2020.

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The new Mustang-inspired electric SUV has officially been confirmed to offer a range of around 370 miles. Ford has also confirmed that the Mustang-inspired electric SUV will call a facility in Cuautitlan, Mexico its production home. Boasting of a performance that would rival the Tesla Model Y, this new electric SUV is said to be underpinned by Ford’s next-generation battery architecture. For now, Ford's new video should satisfy our curious selves.

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Posted by Ford Motor Company on Monday, October 14, 2019

As far as naming is concerned, we know that this Mustang-inspired electric SUV won't be dubbed as Mach 1, as Ford dropped this name after finding out that people hated it. The uproar wasn’t surprising as the name “Mach 1” was reserved for some of the highest-performance Mustangs built so far, not for a crossover or an EV.

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