Check Out This Ford Police Interceptor With Suspension By Air Lift

Air Lift Performance has modded this old Ford Police Interceptor with their signature air suspension, making it a super low rider.

Check Out This Ford Police Interceptor With Suspension By Air Lift

This old Ford Police Interceptor has been given new life as a showpiece thanks to an air suspension upgrade from Air Lift Performance.

Lower is better. The lower your car, the lower your center of gravity, and the lower your center of gravity, the easier it is to turn at high speeds and still maintain control. You’re far less likely to roll your car if you're so low to the ground you’re basically a rolling pancake.

There are downsides to being this low, of course: a single pothole can be ruinous to your body, for example. But the creed of “be as low as you can go” was taken to heart by many car enthusiasts, so one of the first mods that such enthusiasts look for is to have their suspension lowered.

For sports cars. Not for retired police interceptors.

But that’s what we have here thanks to Lansing Michigan-based Air Lift Performance. They somehow got a hold of a second generation Ford Police Interceptor--or more casually known as the Crown Vic--and gave it a brand new air suspension system that lowers the car so far that the bumper is basically scraping the pavement.


Thanks to their showcase video, we get a brief view of the interior modifications. The old bench-style seating is still present, but it’s been replaced by luxurious red leather. On the inside of the doors is a pair of massive subwoofers that will make this car the life of the party instead of the end of the party as a police cruiser usually is.

On the outside, there are still plenty of devices to remind you of the Interceptor’s authoritative heritage. A searchlight sits on the driver’s side mirror, there’s a cow catcher on the nose, and there are still a set of police lights in the grille.

If you’re wondering how this is even road-legal with such police adornments still present, this is actually a car destined for Britain where the police wear different styles. Maguiar’s is a British bodyshop that holds an annual BBQ, and this car was the 2018 showcase.

We don’t know what’s been done under the hood, but if it’s still stock it’s got a 4.5-L V8 pumping 250 hp to a 4-speed automatic. Still plenty of power to make a plume of smoke from the rear wheels.


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