Ford Promotes Their Smallest SUV With World's Largest Billboard

Ford has an interesting way of advertising their smallest SUV. They put it on the worlds largest billboard!

Ford’s smallest SUV just got the world’s largest billboard to advertise it’s greatness in Europe.

The new World’s Largest Billboard now belongs to Ford. Guinness Book of World Records officials certified that the new billboard on the side of the España Building in Madrid Spain is indeed the world’s biggest at 5,262-square-meters (that’s over 56,000 sq ft). That’s about the size of 20 tennis courts, according to the press release, and beats the previous billboard by 241.93 square meters.

The billboard weighs 2000 kg (4409 lbs) or about 700 kg (1040 lbs) more than the EcoSport itself weighs. It’d take three of the tiny SUVs just to tow the colossal advertisement.

Ford’s titanic ad will remain on display in Madrid until the end of February then it will be taken down and given to the Apascovi Foundation employment center for people with disabilities. The materials used to create the billboard will be broken down and recycled for new projects with the center.


via Ford

In case you’ve never even heard of the EcoSport, don’t feel too bad. They only went on sale in America this year after having been sold in Europe since 2014. The tiniest crossover Ford makes competes with other tiny crossovers like the Fiat 500X and Mini Countryman. The EcoSport sells well in Europe, and the hope is that a young American audience will continue to drive the car’s sales.

The 2018 version of the EcoSport brought a few new changes to make things a little more appealing in the American market. First, there’s a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder EcoBlue engine on the base level car to make things a little more power over Europe’s 1.0-L turbocharged 3-banger, while an optional 2.0-L naturally aspirated engine gets paired for the brand new 4WD model.

Also available on the 4WD model is Ford’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system along with other driver assist features like rear camera and SYNC 3 connectivity.

Finally, a Ford Performance-inspired ST trim will make the EcoSport even sportier with fancy trim and a sport-tuned suspension. That version will only be sold in Europe, however, as the continent has a thing for hot hatches. Even though this is a crossover. Frankly, the line’s getting a little blurred here.


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