Check Out The 2019 Ford Ranger's Extensive List Of Outdoor Accessories

The 2019 Ford Ranger is coming with a slew of accessories, here's what you should know.

The Ranger is coming back to the U.S. market with a load out of factory-authorized accessories big enough to make their parts department look like an aisle at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

According to Autoblog, Ford has partnered up with Yakima to drive the Ranger home to a very specific niche market amidst heavy, mid-sized truck competition; and they’re very clear about who it’s attempting to assimilate to.

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Although currently tentative, the litany of upgrades and accessories available from the factory for the new 2019 Ford Ranger is almost staggering at over 75 line items to choose from. Knowing how to properly order your new Ford Ranger will save you money on installation if you’re willing to do it yourself; selecting running boards in black or chrome from the website while ordering your truck, for example, will run you $635. If you opt to buy them as an accessory and install them yourself — you can secure a set of black, five-inch running boards for $399 and a set in chrome for $529.

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The list of accessories offers a wide range of peripherals to beef up the aesthetics like bull bars and fender flares along with an array of utilitarian upgrades like racks, carriers and stowage options. Part numbers aren’t available yet to confirm whether or not the fenders are similar to the Ranger Raptor’s, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Ford left some exclusivity to their performance platform for differentiation.

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Most of the accessories are relatively inexpensive with one of the priciest options, according to TFL Truck, being a set of 18”x8,” black-coated wheels for $999. Many options are yet to be priced, but from folding tonneau covers and spray liners to a wide array of electronic upgrades like backup alarms and LED work lights by SoundOff Signal, there are at least a few things on everybody’s list to be found on the Ranger’s options catalog.

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With Ford coming on this strong in support of the Ranger’s return, it’s clear they want it to succeed – and their format seems to be a winning combination; taking a truck back to its roots in an age of unibodies and hybrids may just be a home run. They are aiming for a performance market who, although may value economy, prioritize a truck for what it’s worth and betting on the Ranger in 2019 seems like a solid gamble for the weekend warrior who wants a Ford Tough truck without the Super Duty-fuel sucking attribute of their full-size pickups.


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