Ford Ranger Pickup To Have Over 75 Accessories

The upcoming Ford Ranger will have over 75 accessories available at launch to help customize your midsize pickup.

2019 Ford Ranger Lariat Chrome FX4 SuperCab

The Ford Ranger is going to have a ton of accessories for drivers to choose from at launch.

It wouldn’t be a brand new pickup truck without a bazillion accessories to choose from, and Ford knows it. That’s why when the Ranger launches in the hopefully immediate future, it will have nearly 100 accessories for new pickup owners to choose from in order to make their own unique ride.

We have the Ranger 5G Forum to thank (by way of Motor1) for a leaked dealer brochure detailing all the many accessories that the Ranger will come with. It’s quite the exhaustive list, so if you’re looking for every single possible item you’ll want to click the link above to see them all.

This leak also gives us a good idea on what to expect with the Ranger’s trim levels, which have yet to be released by Ford. Some of these items might be found on higher trims, but the base level XL Ranger (and it will almost certainly be called the XL) certainly won’t have these listed optional extras.


As with any pickup, the most important thing to accessorize is the bed. The Ranger will have no shortage of options thanks to an extensive list of bed covers, liners, and mats. For both 5' and 6' beds, a liner will set you back $324.29, while a mat will cost $139.99. Tonneau covers, both soft, hard, and rollup have yet to list prices, so we expect them to show up shortly after launch.

2019 Ford Ranger XL STX SuperCrew
via Ford

Befitting a new model truck, the Ranger will have several electronic options. A Hitchscan rear sensor and Hitch Step rear scanner can help make trailering easier and will cost $269.00. A rear seat entertainment system with two screens and two DVD players (we hope they mean Bluray) will cost $995.00. There’s even a pair of Bullfrog portable Bluetooth speakers in either Hop or Jump size (which cost $199 or $399, respectively).

We can’t recommend the Bullfrog speakers, however. They’re way cheaper to buy separately on Amazon.

There are a ton of exterior accessories for the Ranger, including graphics, window tinting, chrome exhaust tips, cargo racks, carriers, splash guards, and rim kits. On the inside, there are cargo organizers, door sills, and roadside assistance kits. And perhaps best of all, there’s a tablet cradle that mounts your iPad to the headrest for $139.00.

The Ranger will arrive at dealers any day now, so stay tuned for a big announcement from Ford.


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