Ford Ranger Raptor Gets Diesel Engine In Europe

Europe saw the Ranger Raptor debut with a turbodiesel engine, leaving us all to wonder if we'll ever see such a Raptor here in the US.

Ford Ranger Raptor Gets Diesel Engine In Europe

Ford’s Raptor Ranger has made its European debut at Gamescom.

You’d think that Ford would want to unveil the most exciting truck in its lineup at something prestigious like Geneva or Paris, but instead, the old American automaker has decided to get jiggy with it at Gamescom.

If you’ve never heard of Gamescom, it’s the largest gaming convention in Europe. Ford’s Ranger Raptor will feature prominently in Microsoft’s upcoming racing game, Forza Horizon 4, so having a few examples of their sporty mid-size pickup there kinda makes sense.

In addition to the life-size trucks, Ford also has a 4D simulator pod so you can get a simulated feel of the Ranger Raptor, as well as 8 regular pods for just tooling around in Forza 4.

Not only did Ford drop the bombshell of their involvement in a multi-million dollar gaming franchise, they also dropped the European specs for the Ranger Raptor which includes a fancy turbo engine.

Ford calls it the EcoBlue. It’s a 2.0-L twin-turbo diesel that produces 211 hp and 367 lb-ft. Those two turbos work in sequence to either provide low-end torque or high-end power, depending on what the driver needs at the time.


Connecting power to the wheels is Ford’s famous 10-speed automatic transmission as well as an off-road suspension featuring FOX shock absorbers with Position Sensitive Damping, 46.6 mm pistons, and aluminum control arms for lightness. Rear coilovers with an integrated Watt's linkage ensure the back of the truck remains steady in all types of terrain.

The brakes are twin-piston front and single-piston rear, 332 mm by 32 mm ventilated front discs and 332 mm by 24 mm ventilated rear discs. BF Goodrich made a set of specially designed 285/70 R17 all-terrain tires just for the Ranger Raptor.

Ford Ranger Raptor Gets Diesel Engine In Europe
via Ford

In the cockpit, you have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto coming from an 8-inch touchscreen. Six different drive modes are available, including Normal, Sport, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Sand, Rock, and Baja. Normal is for comfortable and economical driving, Sport is for fast speeds on pavement, while the rest are for their respective terrain types. Baja is like a mix of Sand and Sport and is meant to allow the Raptor to achieve the kind of performance necessary at the famous Baja Rally races.

“The standout experience of the Ranger Raptor, hands down, is how far you can push it off-road and still ride like a millionaire on-road,” said Damien Ross, the Ranger Raptor’s chief engineer. “Everything about the Ranger Raptor builds on the already outstanding sophisticated feel and functional capability of the Ranger, and then goes further. From a driving dynamic fun standpoint, it is really an exceptionally special vehicle.”

No release date was mentioned for the Ranger Raptor, but you know it’s gotta be soon.


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