Watch How The Insane Ford Raptor S Is Built

The Ford Raptor S is a beast of a truck, and a new informative video has revealed how it's built.

Watch How The Insane Ford Raptor S Is Built

A new video shows just how much work was involved in creating the F-150 Raptor S.

Last week we were introduced to the Raptor S, the bespoke pickup truck from YouTuber Salomondrin and created by Galpin Auto Sports and 1221 Wheels. The truck was truly astounding, and in a new video to Galpin’s YouTube page, we get a first-hand account of just how much work went into building the Raptor S.

Easily what took the most time was all the intensive bodywork that went into the Raptor S. Galpin fitted a widebody kit that added 6 inches to each wheel fender, but the kit wasn’t designed to work with the specific fenders that Galpin had in mind. In order to get it all to fit, Galpin’s techs had to sand down the original bodywork as well cut the fenders so that everything would slot together. It was a laborious process that took many hours to get right.

Along with making almost an entirely brand new body, Galpin ensured that the fuel cap would remain just in front of the driver’s side rear wheel fender. This again required custom bodywork, but it prevents the Raptor S from being fueled up by stepping inside the bed or even beneath the fender.

The original Raptor grille came with a honeycomb design that Galpin used as inspiration for the rest of the truck. That same honeycomb can now be seen in the chase rack, the door sills, and even in the custom bumpers that are installed in both the front and back.


Under the hood, the Raptor S gets an upgraded intercooler, SPD turbo adaptors, and a Corsa exhaust to provide a “noticeable power gain.” In this case, noticeable means 552 hp and 660 lb-ft torque.

It’s not just the engine that got some love. The entire Raptor suspension was replaced by a kit from ICON, with Alcon disc brakes on each wheel and a new set of custom rims from 1221 Wheels.

The interior is covered in white leather, Alcantara, and chrome and carbon fiber accents. A massive touchscreen dominates the center console that has been programmed to control everything inside the truck, from the starlight roof to the brand new heated massage chairs.

Something we weren’t told last week: the floor is covered in lambswool for a level of luxury you almost feel bad for wearing your shoes on.

Galpin Auto Sports plans to make 24 more of the Raptor S, at a price of “email us to find out”. That usually means it’s pretty expensive.



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