Ford Raptor Versus The Ram Power Wagon - Which Truck Is Your Off-Road Pick?

A new video explores the best off-road pickups from both Ford and Ram.

Ram vs Raptor

Watch a Ford Raptor defend its title as the king of off-road pickups against a Ram Power Wagon.

Do you have an intense, burning desire to take a massive machine off the beaten path and take it where no other machine has gone? Do you need it to be towing a small barge while making its own trail through dirt, sand, and mud? Do you need it to be traveling at the speed of a stampeding wildebeest or, more importantly, do you need a winch for when you inevitably slip into a ditch too large to crawl your way out of?

Oh, and do you have most of $60,000? Then congratulations! We’ve scientifically determined that you should buy either a Ford Raptor or a Ram Power Wagon.

Ah, but which of these two beasts should you choose? Both cost nearly the same amount. Both have well over 400 horsepower and automatic transmissions. Both have off-road suspensions from companies that start with a “B”. And both want to get down and dirty for your driving pleasure.

Edmunds is the latest publication to put big trucks in a prize-less competition on an off-road course. Through the sands and mud of the Mojave desert (which doesn’t normally get muddy, but it rained the day they were filming), we get to see the true character of the Raptor and Power Wagon in their native elements.

Even without watching our two hosts grin and shout as they enjoy driving over dunes and obstacles that would destroy a normal car, we can tell you a few of the big differences between these full-size pickups.

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First, The Raptor is the more powerful machine at 450 hp compared to the Ram’s 410 hp. While the Ram does have a big, burbly V8 that will appeal to many, there’s no denying the Raptor’s 3.5-L twin-turbo V6 has way more power.

Second, and despite having less power, the Ram has far better towing and payload capacities. The Power Wagon can tow 10,350 lbs and carry 1,510 lbs, while the Raptor can only tow roughly 8,000 lbs and carry 1,200 lbs.

Third, the two handle the off-road in very different ways. While the Raptor has electronic automatic everything to smooth out the bumps, the Ram has manually disconnecting sway bars and locking front and rear axles that the driver controls from inside the spacious cabin.

As our Edmunds hosts put it, one of these trucks is built to play while the other is built to work. Find out which is which in the video above.

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