Ford Issues Recall For F-150, Super Duty, And SUVs Over Defective Seats

Ford sold more than 1.075 million F-Series trucks globally in 2018, averaging a sale every 29.3 seconds. Lined bumper-to-bumper, F-Series trucks would stretch more than 4,000 miles ??? greater than the distance from Dallas to Honolulu.

Ford has issued four recalls for defects in newer model pickups, SUVs, and some older Fiestas in the United States and Canada.

The biggest recall affects over half a million trucks and SUVs, including 2018-2020 model year Ford F-150s, 2019-2020 F-Series Super Duty, 2018-2019 Ford Explorers, and 2019-2020 Ford Expeditions. At issue is a potential defect in the front seats equipped with a manual recliner mechanism.

In some vehicles, the seats were improperly assembled and "may be missing the third pawl required for seatback strength." This reduces the seat's protective functionality and increases the risk of injury in a crash.

Ford says 483,325 vehicles in the US, 58,712 in Canada and 8,149 in Mexico are affected by the recall. No accidents or injuries have been reported, but better safe than sorry, as they say.

Dealers will inspect vehicle seating to determine if the pawl is missing. If so, the seat will be replaced free of charge.

Heading to recall two, Ford is asking to take a look at 2013-16 Ford Fusions, 2013-16 Lincoln MKZs, 2015-16 Ford Edges, and 2016 Lincoln MKXs. These vehicles may experience problems with corrosion of their power steering gear motor.

"Vehicles that did not receive proper application of wax coating and are operated in high-corrosion environments associated with exposure to road salt may experience corrosion of the steering gear motor attachment bolts," writes Ford in their recall notice. A detached or loss steering gear motor will basically mean loss of power steering, which can make it difficult to control the vehicle.

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Ford calculates 90,646 vehicles in the United States and 8,134 vehicles in Canada are affected. Dealers will inspect and replace the steering gear motor-attachment bolts and apply wax sealer as necessary.

2019 Ford Explorer Limited Luxury Edition
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Recalls three and four are for smaller numbers of Ford Fiestas. In the US, a little over 2,600 small cars might have had a contaminated brake caliper-seal during assembly which might develop a leak on the road. Only 50 of these 2019 Fiestas have been delivered to customers, but better get it checked before your brakes fail.

Over 13,000 Canadian 2013 Fiestas are being recalled for corrosion in the battery junction box. This can lead to dead headlights and daytime running lights, which is legally prohibited. Dealers will inspect and clean the junction box while replacing all corroded parts free of charge.

No accidents or injuries for any of these recalls have been reported, but better to get these issues looked at anyway. Safety first.

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