Ford Planning To Replace Majority Of Lineup

Ford is making some big changes in the coming years, revealing that they intend to replace 75 percent of their lineup.

Ford Planning To Replace Majority Of Lineup

Ford has got big plans heading into 2020, including replacing most of their current lineup.

It’s going to be a big year for Ford. By the year 2020, the second largest car maker in North America plans to replace 75 percent of their current lineup, expand their offering of SUVs, and go all-in on hybrid electric powertrains.

Not only that, but they’ll also finally come out with a battery electric car and all of their cars will have over-the-air software updates and connect to Fords’ Transportation Mobility Cloud.

Perhaps burying the lead a little bit, Ford said in a press release they’ll be coming out with hybrid versions of the F-150, Mustang, Explorer, Escape, and all-new Bronco. That’s right: the Bronco is coming back. You can see the teaser image in one of our earlier articles for more info, but suffice to say this new Bronco is eyeing the Jeep Wrangler and asking it to come outside for a friendly tussle.


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One of them might be heading home on the back of a flatbed.

Besides hybridizing so many things, Ford also plans to release battery-only versions of their cars starting by 2020 and will have a lineup for 6 full EVs by 2022. What cars will go electric we don’t know yet, but they’re likely to be smaller cars and SUVs to start.

Ford is also going to meet the shift in the market away from cars and towards SUVs. They’re relocating $7 billion in capital to SUV production and plan to have a lineup of 8 SUVs by the time 2020 rolls around. Ford has already brought the EcoSport crossover to North America, and new versions of the Escape and Explorer will be out in 2019.

Those last two SUVs make up 70 percent of Ford’s total SUV sales, and Ford expects SUVs in general to make up over 50 percent of sales by 2020.

Ford will also come out with a completely new SUV that has yet to be named but looks like it’ll be in the compact SUV range if the teaser image can be trusted.

Technology is another big deal for Ford, and that’s why they’re packaging all their driver assist tech into a single bundle so they can easily apply it to their entire lineup. The package will be called Ford Co-Pilot360, and will include the usual assortment of driver assist technologies like emergency braking, blind spot assist, parking assist, and many other assists.


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