Ford Reveals Their Monster Energy NASCAR Race Car

Ford has just revealed the brand new car they plan to enter into the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup racing series.

And as expected, it’s a Mustang.

Earlier this year, Ford announced they’d be killing off their car lineup to focus on trucks and SUVs. What that meant for their racing series was that anything other than a Mustang or a Focus would be killed-off along with their parent cars.

Luckily, Ford is keeping their best-selling Mustang sports car, which Ford loves to point out is the best-selling sports car in the whole entire world.

Ford used to run a tuned up and out Fusion for NASCAR, but now that the Fusion is on the outs, it’s time to bring in the Mustang. Ford unveiled their NASCAR Mustang on Thursday wearing the white and blue livery that showcases the company’s colors.


Interestingly, this Mustang seems to be styled after the GT350 judging by its previous gen headlights and faux wheel fender vents. What’s under the hood will be same as every other car in the NASCAR Cup Series, that being a 5.8-L pushrod V8 making 725 hp. The inside has naturally been torn out in favor of a roll cage and racing harness.

This is the first time a Mustang has driven in the NASCAR Cup Series. Mustangs do drive in the second tier NASCAR Xfinity Series, but never has a pony car graced the highest levels of NASCAR. It will be an interesting series as the Mustang heads up against the Camaro ZL1 for ultimate American muscle car supremacy.

Ford began racing the Mustang shortly after its release in 1964, where it won the Tour de France Automobile 10-day rally. Since then Mustangs have gone to race in SCCA, Trans-AM, IMSA, NHRA, and Formula Drift.

The new NASCAR Mustang comes soon after Ford made its 10-millionth Mustang on Wednesday. The very special Mustang rolled off the line at Ford’s plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, and was naturally a GT model painted white to mimic the very first Mustang built back in 1964.


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Ford Reveals Their Monster Energy NASCAR Race Car