10 Foreign Motorcycles Everyone Should Avoid (And 10 Domestic Ones Everyone Should Buy)

Most of the times, we had too much attention focused on foreign motorcycles that we forgot about the kind of motorcycles that are produced domestically. Why is that? Maybe, what’s out of our reach and foreign seems more exciting and powerful. But that’s not the case. Actually, there are some pretty good motorcycles which have been produced domestically. Companies are upping their game, and the results can be clearly seen on these powerful motorcycles. In fact, there is a domestic motorcycle company that specializes in manufacturing and producing electric motorcycles. Sounds pioneering, right? It gets better because the same company which is located in San Carlos, California made a super bike which was once the fastest street-legal production motorcycle. So, what’s the name of this domestic company? It goes by the name of Lighting.

These domestic motorcycles are not only good in handling and performance, but they are also very appealing in design. And there’s just something unique about these bikes that can make anyone have the need to own of them! And who wouldn’t ride a motorcycle from a company that has been in the business for 110 years? Yes, Harley Davidson has been here from way back, and mastery is what they have specialized in. On the other hand, there are some foreign motorcycles that are just a joke! As a matter of fact, some of these motorcycles are powerful but they get to a certain point where they become just too faulty to be worth . So, let’s get right into it!

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20 Domestic Everyone Should Buy: Harley-Davidson Street Bob

via overdrive.com

Well, we have to give credit to those who are behind this company for keeping it for that long. Nonetheless, when it comes to this model, the steering is just satisfying. And you know what? The chassis of this bike is lighter and designed geometrically to make sure that leaning is comfortably achieved.

Talking about comfort: the front wheel has a set of adjustable suspensions to enhance comfort so that riding becomes more appealing.

Have you ever heard of the sound it produces when the engine is running? If you haven’t then you should at least know how a 1753 cc engine sounds like on a motorcycle.

19 Domestic Everyone Should Buy: Lightning LS-218

via youtube.com

Just take a look at this motorcycle. Isn’t it just beautiful? Plus, this machine is one of its own kind. How many times have you heard of an electric motorcycle with a top speed of 218mph? While other domestic companies were putting too much focus on gas-running motorcycles, Lightning turned their focus to a whole new era of electricity. It is the future we’re heading to. A time whereby a big percentage of the automobile will be electrically powered. As if that’s not enough, this model was a major success, and that is proved by how it helped a rider to win a racing competition.

18 Domestic Everyone Should Buy: Motus MSTR

via fullermoto.com

Picture this: two riders with big dreams coming together and working towards building a very powerful motorcycle that has never existed before. Well, that’s what happened before this monstrous bike was built. It all started out when Lee Conn and Brian Case designed their own engine and did a detailed research to come up with a nice motorcycle. So, they got a prototype, and they put more effort in different motorcycles until they got to this model here. Here’s a thing: this is the first ever domestic V-4 powered sports tourer.

17 Domestic Everyone Should Buy: Erik Buell Racing 1190RS

via ebrforum.com

Erik Buell is a superb motorcycle designer, and he also knows the functioning of motorcycles. In addition to that, he worked with Harley Davidson until 2009, that’s when he decided to start his own thing. So, what more could you expect from such a well-informed man?

Nevertheless, the Erick Buell 1190Rs super bike was a revolution in the streets.

The aerodynamics of this model was way better than the racing predecessors designed by Erik Buell. That’s not all, this bike boils up with a horsepower of 175, which is boosted by a 1190cc engine.

16 Domestic Everyone Should Buy: Zero SR

via cnet.com

Once again, we have come across an electric motorcycle. Although may not be as appealing and powerful as the lightning, it is still worth the credit. Many companies have not yet foreseen the future held by electric motorcycles. Nonetheless, this bike is unique in its own manner. The fuel tank which is normally a storage for gas in fuel-combustion motorcycles is different when it comes to this model. Since its electrically powered that space can be used to store other materials. Likewise, it doesn’t sound like a motorcycle because produces a less noisy electric buzz from the lithium-ion battery.

15 Domestic Everyone Should Buy: FA-13 Combat Bomber

via drivemag.com

Unfortunately, Confederate doesn’t exist any longer. But… don’t get your hopes too low because they partnered up with Zero motorcycles to become Curtiss motors Company. And guess what? This company too specializes in electric motorcycles. Anyway, before Confederate rebranded itself, it produced a masterpiece on two wheels.

This motorcycle here has a cut-out where you can see the tank and analyze the amount of gas left.

Just look at it, built out of high quality materials, and the engine is embodied in a nice looking aluminum frame. In fact, this was the finest way for this motorcycle company to give us their last model as a goodbye.

14 Domestic Everyone Should Buy: Victory 8-Ball

via totalmotorcycle.com

Well, here we come across another company that said ‘bye-bye’ to the motorcycle industry, but this model will live on to be remembered. Wait before we proceed any further… Can you see 21-inch rim on the front wheel? Yes, that’s a design that was borrowed from an ancient sword called falchion. It was strong to the point where it could cut through the mail chain. Similarly, this motorcycle can tear down roads with the kind of power it possesses. On that note of power, this motorcycle has a 1737cc v-twin engine. Sounds impressive, right?

13 Domestic Everyone Should Buy: Alta Motors RedShift SM

via townandcountrycyclecenter.com

Another electric motorcycle! Clearly, these bikes are slowly dominating the domestic motorcycle field. Nonetheless, this bike was built as a race super moto. The only thing which is separating this bike from the other super motos is the lithium-ion battery. And to get the battery to full charge, a rider requires four hours only. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? This bike is also lightweight so that riding can be done pretty easily. To add on that, it still has a narrow and sleek design to boost the kind of maneuvering that happens in cities mainly.

12 Domestic Everyone Should Buy: BrammoEmpulse R

via reddit.com

By now, you might have realized that change is on the way in the motorcycle field. As a matter of fact, it is not only in the motorcycle field but in the whole automobile field as a whole. Why is that?

This is another superb electric motorcycle we are delighted to share.

It doesn’t stop there because this bike has a clutch and a gear. Yes, it’s kind of strange, but it one of the first electric bikes to be equipped with such features. So, in unification with the lithium battery, this bike can go up to a top speed of 110mph.

11 Domestic Everyone Should Buy: Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle

via wallpapercave.com

Harley Davidson is one of the most established motorcycle Domestic Company. No doubt about that, that’s why it rages up with very powerful bikes from way back. Look at this beast! It has a V twin 1250cc engine and a horsepower of 120. Definitely, riding it brings about an adrenaline rush in an unexplainable way. Furthermore, the front forks are just strong enough to bring maximum stability on the front wheel while riding it. The good stability will also lower the center of gravity on this bike. No worries there! Actually, riding this motorcycle should feel just good.

10 Foreign Motorcycle To Avoid: Kawasaki 750 Triple 1V

via pinterest.com

Yes, we get it, Kawasaki has made their name all over the world, but there are just some motorcycle models such as this which do not fit the status of Kawasaki. So, this was a model which was produced back in the ‘70s. And boy… its outcome was not that appealing. It got to a point where it was nicknamed ‘widow maker’. You know why? It had very poor handling which bikers couldn’t put up with. During acceleration, the front wheel could just go up into the air. This was a very dangerous thing because it could’ve left the rider hurt.

9 Foreign Motorcycle To Avoid: Moto Guzzi V9


It was almost impossible to ride this motorcycle. Yeah, that’s because all the models were recalled to be fixed on some very pressing issues. Still, some models are being recalled. Unfortunately, this model was sold to the public with an ABS hose issue.

On some models, the ABS brake hose rubbed on the engine’s secondary air connection to bring about brake fluid leakage.

The problem was that serious. To deal with that, all models had to be returned so that ‘updates’ could be done. Plus, it had very uncomfortable vibrations which turned out to be irritating while riding.

8 Foreign Motorcycle To Avoid: Suzuki GT380

via antiquemotorcycle.com

What’s up with the design of this bike? It’s just plain and unattractive, that’s what. Not only is the design bizarre, but it also has some common flaws. The front disc brakes which should be the most effective part on a motorcycle didn’t work perfectly on wet roads. It’s like this bike was made to be rode during summer only. That’s not all, the chassis of this bike is low especially when it comes to the muffler. Surely, there should be enough distance between the ground and the chassis. Not too much, but enough to make sure that the motorcycle doesn’t touch the ground too often.

7 Foreign Motorcycle To Avoid: Honda CBX

via xbhp.com

Riding this motorcycle will definitely direct everyone’s attention to you. Yes, we understand it may be powerful but the look it wears is just scary. Actually, it has a 1047cc engine which looks way too big for this kind of bike. It seems as if the designers and engineers never met up to discuss on how this bike would look like. Look at all those tubes leading to the mufflers. Seriously? Honda should have covered that up instead of showing the world those weird looking tubes. It could’ve looked better in that manner.

6 Foreign Motorcycle To Avoid: Honda CX 500

via wikipedia.org

Truly, this is a classic motorcycle, no one has argued about that. However, it may have some minor issues which may be kind of irritating even to the rider himself.

At a certain mileage range which is from 20000-26000, it may develop an irritating snappy engine noise.

And people may give the rider the kind of look that means ’you’re disturbing our peace’. Nonetheless, this issue is brought about by the loosening of bolts on the cam chain. It’s shocking to know such a mere thing can develop into major defects.

5 Foreign Motorcycle To Avoid: Kawasaki 500 H1

via youtube.com

Just like the previous Kawasaki model, this one is still a vintage bike. Coincidentally, this model too has handling issues, especially when navigating in corners. Maneuvering corners with this bike should be done in a lower throttle or else… Moreover, the vibration on the handlebars is just out of normal. Riders complained about it, and they felt a prickly sensation after they rode it for long hours. Really? Handlebars should be most comfortable parts of the motorcycle. The must’ve been something amiss with Kawasaki bikes that belonged in the H series because most of them had major issues.

4 Foreign Motorcycle To Avoid: Greeves

via wikimedia.org

Is this a motorcycle or a bicycle? Just take a look at it… it doesn’t even look like a motorcycle. The design is enough to put you off. And what’s worse? Riding this motorcycle. Yes, you read that right because the suspensions did not work efficiently as expected. In fact, shock was absorbed by the rider because this bike was manufactured with a very thin chassis. Something as mere as a pothole could be felt by the rider in a very hurting manner. To make matters worse, the brakes were very inefficient. In fact, Braking could lift a part of the motorcycle’s body.

3 Foreign Motorcycle To Avoid: 1970 Husqvarna 250 MX

via speedtracktales.com

Husky bikes are popularly known for the kind of stunts and winnings they have acquired in motocross.

Although this bike was fast, it didn’t have superb handling.

Maneuvering corners with this model was a task, not to mention that it also had very weak suspension. You can imagine the kind of torture riders were put through while they were riding this bike. As if that’s not enough, this bike couldn’t hold too much gas. Yes, it is the kind of bike that can leave anyone stranded just because the gas tank isn’t large enough.

2 Foreign Motorcycle To Avoid: Ariel Arrow

via classic-motorcycles.com

One thing is for sure when it comes to this bike here: the muffler was positioned very low. A look at it can assure you of that. And it’s is pretty disturbing to ride a motorcycle that sweeps the ground once or twice especially when navigating corners. Likewise, the performance is not as enticing as expected. It doesn’t have the kind of thrill that comes from a powerful bike. Let’s say it just gets the job done because it has a top speed of 68mph. Yes, it’s that slow. There’s no difference between riding it and cycling.

1 Foreign Motorcycle To Avoid: Suzuki TM400 Cyclone

via pinterest.com

This bike marked a new beginning in Motocross. Actually, it was amongst Suzuki’s first bikes to be featured in motocross. But, there’s always something about powerful bikes that’s just off. Not all motorcycles but some. So, this model had too much throttle directed to the rear wheel. The results? Too much spinning in the rear wheel which opted to be very dangerous. At some point, it couldn’t even be controlled efficiently. Of course, that caused some scary feeling amongst riders even in motocross. That’s not all— this motorcycle could maneuver on one wheel without the control of the rider.

sources: youtube.com, cycleworld.com, motorcycledaily.com

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