20 Foreign Pickup Trucks We Need In The USA

In reality, pickup trucks should be the real muscle cars, able to take on any tough job.

For many of us automotive enthusiasts, we seldom care about the distinctions between impressive machines. If a machine or vehicle is impressive, we find the merit in it and adore it accordingly, often spending a lot of our free hours (and some of our non-free hours, when we should be working) reading up on these incredible machines that we love so much.

And, by the same token, there are many who appreciate only certain types of cars and vehicles—and that’s fine too. Whatever works for you, as they say. But for those of you who like to broaden their horizons, in this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at vehicles, in particular, that many have adored over the ages: the pickup truck.

The pickup's embodiment is one of power, torque, and style, all rolled up into one. In reality, pickup trucks should be the real muscle cars, able to take on any tough job. But we won’t be talking about just any pickups, ones that you can see pretty much on any given day when cruising around your neighborhood or going on that camping trip you’ve been planning for weeks.

No, we’ll be looking at 20 pickup trucks that you can’t have! That’s right; you won’t be able to get your hands on these beasts. And why not? Because they’re not available in the good old US of A.

Take a look at these incredible machines and hope and pray that they one day become available here and if not, well, enjoy the pictures, folks.

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VIA carsales.com.au

This beast here is powered by diesel. The diesel engine within is 2.0-liter turbodiesel and if that isn't impressive enough, it jets out 309 lb-ft of torque at just 1,750 RPM! It also houses an eight-speed automatic transmission. Now if the men and women at VW don't deserve a round of applause for that one, we're at a loss, here. Truly, this one would fit well in the States, as it has what most consumers of pickup trucks look for in these things, and it looks great, on top of it all. And if this one doesn't have you wondering why the company hasn't started selling it stateside, wait until you read on.

19 AVTOVAZ 2329

VIA Avtovaz - uCoz

Avtovaz, or formerly Vaz, is a vehicular manufacturer from Russia. It was founded back in 1966, which is 53 years ago. The company produces a whopping 400,000 vehicles a year. Their factory is actually, and astonishingly, the largest in Eastern Europe, as can be understood. They clocked in with a revenue of $3.87 billion in 2017 and they aren't letting up one little bit. The truck featured here is a powerful one and, in fact, one of their most successful. It's known as the Vaz 2329 and is indeed a top seller in the country. It is actually only available there, unfortunately, but it would certainly look good tackling some off-terrain roads Stateside, wouldn't it?


VIA Drive

If you were to stand in front of this one and couldn't see the back, you'd think it was a car—a nice car, but a car just the same. Only when you'd walk around it would you realize that it was actually a pickup, albeit one that is very close to the ground. We wouldn't suggest any off-roading with this one, but it's a nice machine regardless. Interestingly enough, it comes with a 6.0-liter V8 engine, so it doesn't disappoint there. Some have actually modified this one to be a tad higher off the ground, and thinking of this, wouldn't it be awesome to have these choices here in the US? It definitely would and it would look great on our roads, too.


via Agrale

Now, this one we've gotta have. Who do we have to call to get at least 1,000 of these sent over, ASAP? This mammoth truck would fit in perfectly over here, and I don't just mean because it's huge powerful and menacing. Okay...I mean exactly that. That's precisely the reason why we should get these Stateside. Imagine pulling up to the restaurant on a night out in one of those! It would definitely be awesome. And something like this would look amazing in some Hollywood films. Don't tell me you couldn't picture Dwayne Johnson wreaking an oh-so-terrible-havoc on the bad guys in this one! We sure can. Too bad we can only find them in Brazil, where they're the equivalent of a Jeep Wrangler on steroids.


VIA The Courier

Now, this sure isn't your average Ford pickup truck. Hardly. It seems to have a tad more class as far as cars go and looks more like a sedan but that seems common with the Ute models, as Chevy also has a Ute model. That word's fun to say isn't it? Go ahead, say it out loud. You know you want to. Feel better? As it turns out, this one is also quite deceptive, as it doesn't look all that powerful but trust us when we say that it is. It houses a 4.0-liter V6 and can actually haul up to 2,000 pounds of cargo. Now that's a lot of cargo, especially for a vehicle that looks like a pickup trapped in a sedan's body.


VIA Alibaba

The Dongfeng Motor Corporation was founded in 1969 in China. It is considered to be in the top four of companies in that country that produce the most amount of vehicles and at the same time, they are also top sellers in the field. In 2014, they actually manufactured 3.5 million vehicles, which is definitely a lot of automobiles, so to speak. An example of how much of a leader this company really is would be to point out that all its competitors in the field that year only manufactured about 450,000 vehicles that year, so we'd say that was a landslide win, wouldn't you? And yes, their pickup truck featured here is definitely a top seller. It's known simply as the Rich.


VIA NZ Autocar

To celebrate this truck's 30 years in existence, Toyota re-released this one for a year only. And rest assured that buyers were coming out in droves to purchase a piece of the company's vehicular history. It obviously doesn't look like your average pickup truck but that's more than okay, friends, as it makes up for it in power and mechanics. It comes with a five-speed transmission and a feature that most vehicles should have ... it has a part-time four-wheel-drive system, which means that it comes with the option of which wheels to activate at a given time! To call this truck the stuff of legends would be an understatement.


via Auto Express

Chuck Norris himself was actually featured in the commercials for this beast and for good reason; the man is synonymous with the stuff strength and endurance are made of. We feel the need to share some of the Chuck Norris facts that made the man the stuff of legend. When Chuck Norris was in middle school, his teacher assigned an essay entitled "What is courage?" He received an A+ for turning in a blank page with only his name at the top. And of course, everyone knows Chuck Norris counted to infinity. Twice. All kidding aside, the man is an icon and the truck he endorsed is equally legendary and would be awesome to have Stateside.

12 RAM 700

VIA Chrysler Flotillas

These trucks sure don't look like the Rams we're used to seeing in the US. But, of course, there's a reason for that: it's a lot smaller compared to the mammoth truck we've got roaming our highways and dirt roads. In fact, it's so compact, that it is actually quite inexpensive. It's not that powerful, either, but still packs a generous punch. But the reason why it would be a good idea to send it over is that it would actually be quite affordable here because, after conversions, it would only set a potential owner back just under $15,000. That's pretty cheap, considering, but it would be an awesome way to get your hands on a Ram, albeit a cheaper and smaller version, of course.


VIA 3D Car Shows

This is yet another automotive company that can be found in China. It was founded only in 1996 and it makes it one of the youngest automotive companies in the world. But the fact that it's young doesn't make it sub-par compared to any of the other companies on this list. This truck in particular, the Foton Tunland, is a very good seller and is actually a respected and powerful truck in the region. It looks the part, too and, would make a great addition to the pickup trucks that are currently on the streets in the US. Interestingly enough, the company is also well known for fabricating some pretty impeccable tractors in the region.


VIA Pinterest

Well, here's a Chevy truck you can't find right in your own back yard. That's, of course, if this article finds you in the North Western portion of this globe of ours. This one here is solely available for purchase in the continent below us and sells pretty well there, but we'd imagine that it would sell well here, as well. I mean just look at the thing. It would do well here, yet Chevy is reluctant to sell it up here and perhaps the company has good reason. Maybe it wouldn't fare well in our weather and driving conditions and for that, we'd have to tip our hats to the execs that made that decision. But still, the vehicle looks quite sound and powerful at that.

9 GONOW GA 200


We'd like to call your attention to the headlights of this vehicle and it's there that lies the trick to spotting a vehicle that will be sold in the US and Canada or the rest of the world. It's quite funny and a peculiar trick, but it works almost every time. It seems to be some sort of standard, but the front ends of the vehicles sold here are all quite common, whereas the headlights and front portions of the pickups in the rest of the world seem to have their own character, very much like this vehicle here, the Gonow, which is available for sale and produced in China. They do have a rather particular look to them, don't they?


VIA Phillip Mitsubishi

And well, what do you know, ook at that front end! That sure doesn't look like a Ford F-150, now does it? Nope, but who are we to hammer the nail over the head an exaggerated amount of times; we're sure you get the point. The Triton is another powerful little beast, available everywhere except for the US and Canada. It's a definite shame, as the truck seems to have a lot of positive points which include 320 ft-lbs of torque. What's interesting about this one is that many believe that Mitsubishi is indeed planning a release here, if the plans aren't already in effect. This one would be very cool to see here. But does that mean that they're going to have to change the lights?



Here's yet another worldly truck. Powerful and dependent, it's capable of dealing with many of the road conditions and climates found in its native region of China, hence the name, of course. This pickup is obviously available in mainland China as well as other parts of Asia and Australia and we can sure understand that because the climates are somewhat similar, but where our minds get a tad baffled is in the fact that this pickup is available in Russia and Great Britain!! What gives, Great Wall? Those climates are quite similar to the climates in Canada and the US! So where are our Great Wall pickups, eh?


VIA Top Gear

Now, if there was ever a travesty worth really complaining about, it's this one here. The fact that this truck, pictured here, is locked away and never to be seen in the US is the worst automotive news to hit the web in a long time. I mean, if ever there was an international pickup truck that could fare well with the pickups we have here, it would certainly be this monster here. And Nissan already manufactures vehicles for our market, so what's the problem here? It's enough to render us little boys and girls who want but can't get their hands on the latest rare toy that everyone else has and seems to enjoy. Come on, Nissan!



Here is a typical truck that we'd see overseas. It's the perfect vehicle for taxiing workers to sites and especially good for carrying cargo to and from certain locations. We've seen our fair share of these in Hollywood productions shot overseas—and that's the most we'll be able to see them unless we visit their native land of China—of course. But the chances of this vehicle or one like it of coming overseas are slim—to—none, friends, so we must make our peace with that. But perhaps one of our manufacturers here can produce a response to this vehicle—not exactly copying it, but borrowing the technology and fabricating something similar. Don't scoff! It's happened before. Many companies have borrowed exact replicas of chassis, as well as engines.


VIA WardsAuto

This is the perfect example of the latter strategy. This truck was manufactured to capture the styles of many of the trucks like it produced in Japan. A truck like this can often be seen carrying produce to town and from the farms and gardens found in the produce rich regions of Japan. And again, we ask the familiar question: why can't Hyundai produce these trucks for North Western use, as we sure could use them? Not all farms and companies can afford the larger trucks we have in circulation here, and a smaller, more affordable one such as this one would be just the thing to help the farmers of this region save a few bucks.



Now, this one not only looks like it would fit into our market, but it also comes with a pretty cool name, doesn't it? Indeed it does, as no matter how small a Scorpion is, it most definitely packs a punch and it is one of the stealthiest animals in the animal kingdom. We'll bet that this truck is equally stealthy and packs an equally powerful punch. It's available in some pretty extreme climates and we have no doubt that it would be put to good use here in the US. Its market regions include China, South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. So, okay, there are no cold areas on that list and we'd wager that it's the cold where this one would have some trouble, but what do you know: the same goes for actual scorpions!


VIA The Motor Report

These last two in this list present the most amount of shock level when it comes to seeing them and realizing that they aren't available in the North Western regions of the US and Canada. Interestingly enough, even the headlights look similar to the ones that adorn the US-bound trucks we're used to seeing. Perhaps, this falls under the category of conundrum and paradox all rolled up into one; perhaps not, but we are flummoxed just the same, folks. We see no reason to be kept from these epic trucks and we are deeply chagrined to admit that we won't be printing reviews on these trucks anytime soon. This Mazda would look right at home parked next to a Dodge Ram 1500.


VIA Carlist.my

And it is the trusted people at Renault that put this mammoth beast together and the truck leaves us wanting only to give it a test run. It seems to be all that it promises and, according to reports from its native region, the truck sells well and performs equally well. It went into production in 2015, which makes it a rather young truck and it's assembled in Brazil but was actually designed in France. And it seems that the time it spent on the drawing room floor was well spent, as they seem to have created something magnificent that many of us here at Hot Cars would love to get our hands on.

Sources: Wikipedia, Autoguide, and Car and Driver.

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