15 Former WCW Stars That Have Expensive Garages (5 That Don't)

The history of WCW is still an important aspect of wrestling history despite ending almost two decades ago. WCW was the only major promotion to compete with WWE on the national level. This incredible rise allowed them to take off in the later mid-90s with a few outstanding years on top of the industry. WCW had the star power that allowed them to bring in viewers by the millions. Many major names from WCW still have relevance today from those that still wrestle full-time to the wrestlers with a shortened schedule to the stars that just make occasional appearances. The successful years of WCW and the backing of Ted Turner led to many greats making enough to invest in tremendous cars.

We will explore the garages of many WCW stars to find out which ones have the best purchases, and which just did not care about adding to it. There are garages full of incredible cars and motorcycles. These wrestlers have a passion for the garage, and it leads to them always trying to improve it.

Others don’t have any interest or just don’t like spending to keep up with the latest collections. More former WCW stars have invested in their garage than deciding to just take it easy. Each wrestler is looked at in depth regarding some of their prized possessions and what led to it.

Find out what your favorite WCW talents like to drive. These are fifteen former WCW stars that have expensive garages along with five that don’t.

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20 Expensive garage: Ric Flair

via: twitter.com

The iconic Ric Flair is known for spending big bucks throughout his career on big houses, fancy clothes and great cars. A recent birthday party featured some of the biggest names from all forms of entertainment attending to celebrate Flair's bday. Most of his collection was sold years ago, but Flair has continued adding new cars to his garage.

Some of the best ones include the Rolls Royce, Supercharged SS Camaro and a daily ride of his BMW. Flair always wants to be seen in the best cars to go along with his extravagant personality. Given the high-profile nature of his close friends, Flair might have some new additions to his garage following his 70th birthday.

19 Expensive garage: Booker T

via: instagram.com

The five-time WCW Champion Booker T is synonymous with WCW due to his success there. Booker was a ten-time WCW Tag Team Champion with his brother Stevie Ray before becoming the last top singles star in the promotion. A long run in WWE added even more success to his career.

Booker has spoiled his garage with quite a few fancy cars throughout the years. The standouts in Booker’s collection are the Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes and a 1986 white vintage Camaro Z28. Decades of relevance in successful wrestling companies have allowed Booker to get his favorite cars to put together an impressive garage.

18 Expensive garage: David Arquette

via: complex.com

The strangest fact in WCW history is that David Arquette is a former WCW Champion. A role in the feature film Ready to Rumble led to Arquette working with WCW as an actor before coming to the ring as well. WCW made him the champion to get a buzz, but it backfired. Arquette is now wrestling as his main passion today on the independent scene.

The acting career of Arquette allowed him to purchase a few great cars to add to his garage. A vintage Lincoln and his Studebaker Avanti are two of the most valuable cars in his garage. Arquette certainly made the most out of his successful movies with such impressive purchases.

17 Weak garage: Jeff Jarrett

via: instagram.com

Jeff Jarrett is a former WCW Champion after becoming a top star towards the end of the company’s existence. A long stint in Impact Wrestling would end with him eventually joining the WWE Hall of Fame. Jarrett is now a member of the WWE producer staff and is treated like a legend with the rare appearances on television.

The spending from Jarrett did not see him make as many huge purchases as many of his peers from WWE and WCW did in the '90s. Jarrett has made it clear in multiple interviews that he learned to save his money growing up in the industry. The main car of Jarrett is an SUV that he and his wife Karen use to get their kids around in their daily life.

16 Expensive garage: Chuck Palumbo

via: motortrend.com

Chuck Palumbo is not a wrestler most fans think of when it comes to WCW wrestlers making big purchases. The career of Palumbo started towards the end of WCW, but he did get a chance to spend a few years in WWE. A huge passion for cars and motorcycles would lead to Palumbo forming a strong collection.

Palumbo left WWE to dedicate more time to his work in the garage along with hosting a Discovery Channel Series known as Lords of the Car Hoards where he repairs damaged cars. The collection of Palumbo contains many classics with the 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray as his top one. Palumbo also has many Harley motorcycles and used to ride some to the ring in WWE.

15 Expensive garage: Buff Bagwell

via: tumblr.com

Buff Bagwell only found success in WCW during his wrestling career as he was unable to make it work in WWE or Impact Wrestling following the changes to the industry. The long run in WCW luckily set Bagwell up for a long time.

Bagwell still owns a few impressive automobiles like his Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee. An unfortunate car accident led to the latter getting damaged badly. Bagwell also owns a few motorcycles as most WCW stars would get into that with Eric Bischoff’s influence. The wrestling legacy of Bagwell is not as celebrated as most others on the list, but he certainly did do enough to set up a happy life.

14 Expensive garage: Dennis Rodman

via: usatoday.com

Dennis Rodman is among the most peculiar people to work for WCW. The former NBA star would skip practice with the Chicago Bulls to take part in wrestling matches. Rodman often teamed with Hulk Hogan as part of the New World Order faction and loved the fun of performing in WCW.

The car purchases of Rodman have been both expensive and bold. Some of the standout items owned by Rodman are his customized gold Lamborghini Gallardo and his customized Hummer with various airbrushed images on it. Rodman has a few motorcycles as well to add to the variety and depth of his garage.

13 Weak garage: Shane Helms

via: instagram.com

Shane Helms had a great career in WCW and WWE with many great matches and moments in the lower card. Most fans will remember his time in WWE as The Hurricane playing a superhero character. However, his first start and big break came towards the end of WCW.

Helms would find a role in wrestling for years and is now working backstage as a producer for WWE. A prior collection of motorcycles ended after Helms was involved in a bad accident. Helms now rides with his wife in an SUV most days to enjoy a more modern driving experience for this stage of his life.

12 Expensive garage: Chris Jericho

via: cagesideseats.com

Not many wrestling fans would have predicted the success of Chris Jericho all these years later during his time in WCW. Jericho was quite entertaining, but WCW never used him in anything more than a lower card role. A move to WWE changed his life as Jericho became one of the top stars in the industry.

Jericho is still raking in the big bucks with strong value after signing the biggest contract of his career with the upstart All Elite Wrestling. The great money management skills by Jericho led to him buying a few great cars but not going overboard. Jericho’s fanciest cars to be spotted are his Audi and Lamborghini.

11 Expensive garage: Eric Bischoff

via: wwe.com

The role of Eric Bischoff in WCW led to him making bold decisions that put them over the hump to compete with and surpass WWE for a short time. Bischoff was the WCW equal to Vince McMahon, but he did not have to risk any of his own money like Vince since Ted Turner-funded WCW.

The WCW show Road Wild allowed bikers at Sturgis motorcycle rallies to attend the event for free every August. Bischoff’s love of motorcycles was the main reason for this. The success in WCW and WWE allowed Bischoff to purchase a few great Harley Davidson motorcycles. Bischoff revealed on his podcast that he sold most of them, but he does have enough remaining for an impressive garage collection.

10 Expensive garage: Bret Hart

via: youtube.com

The iconic Bret Hart is mostly remembered for his amazing work in WWE. However, he spent the last few years of his full-time active wrestling career in WCW towards the end of their run. Hart won the WCW Championship multiple times despite the poor use of him in general.

Few wrestlers did as well as Bret in the '90s and it led to him being among the highest-paid stars in wrestling history. This led to him having a great life with a few cars in his garage in Canada. Hart showed off his brand-new Lexus LS 460 on social media to showcase the pride of his new purchase.

9 Weak garage: Kevin Nash

via: pinterest.com

Kevin Nash has the reputation for being one of the smartest wrestlers in the history of the industry. The legendary wrestler had multiple runs as a top star in both WWE and WCW in the '90s. Nash signed incredible contracts and created a lifetime of comfort for his family.

One reason Nash is still doing well today is that he never spent his money on huge items like his friends did. Nash wanted a great home and a few cars without having to get many more luxuries. The old-school mentality of Nash has him still driving in outdated cars, including his favorite Ford Bronco from the '90s.

8 Expensive garage: Stacy Keibler

via: justjared.com

The emergence of Stacy Keibler towards the end of WCW made her one of the top female stars in company history. Keibler was one of the few performers to find relevance in the final years of WCW. A longer run in WWE featured Stacy’s star power growing to the next level.

Keibler is no longer involved in wrestling at all. She lives a quieter life with her tech entrepreneur and their children. Stacy does have a few impressive cars as she has been spotted getting around in incredible vehicles like the Lexus RX, Range Rover and Cadillac Escalade in recent years.

7 Expensive garage: Jay Leno

via: businessinsider.com

Jay Leno is another odd name to find success outside of wrestling but wrestled a match in WCW. The team of Leno and Diamond Dallas Page faced off against Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in a huge attraction match. Leno delivering a wristlock to Hogan is an image many wrestling purists still rant about today.

The garage of Leno is one of the most impressive for any celebrity or automobile enthusiast. Some of the best cars from Leno’s garage include the 2017 Ford GT, Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita and McLaren P1. Leno also owns many classic motorcycles like the 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead and 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2.

6 Expensive garage: Hulk Hogan

via: twitter.com

Hulk Hogan has made millions of dollars consistently in the wrestling industry throughout his best years. The rise of WWE and WCW each figured Hogan as the face of the company. Hogan’s role in WCW took them to the next level when he turned heel to lead the New World Order faction.

The car collection of Hogan has changed throughout the years as he sold most of his collection in the 2000s. Hogan, however, has started back at it to continue his passion for a great garage. Some of the cars include the Dodge Demon SRT, 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10, and Nissan GT-R. Hogan also owns a few motorcycles, including the custom original New World Order Chopper bike located at his Beach Shop.

5 Weak garage: Scott Steiner

via: freep.com

Scott Steiner is one of the most memorable wrestlers from WCW for his work in the final few years. The physique of Steiner always made him stand out, especially with the singles run after his tag team with Rick Steiner ended. Scott became a huge star when WCW ended and eventually had a few years spent in WWE.

The prior purchases of Steiner to have a valuable garage have seen him tone it down throughout the years. A lack of great money coming in from wrestling led to Steiner starting to have an average life running a restaurant and driving an SUV. Scott was involved in a car accident with the SUV, but he luckily avoided any serious injury.

4 Expensive garage: Steve Austin

via: motortrend.com

Steve Austin is arguably the biggest star in WWE history thanks to his great work during the Attitude Era. However, the earlier years for Austin took place in WCW. Austin would primarily work in the mid-card or tag team picture without any legitimate chances to the top until the move to WWE.

The success of Austin in WWE set him up for the rest of his life. Austin is enjoying life away from the ring today, especially with the outside projects adding more to his resume. The garage of Austin features a few great cars including the Corvette Z06, Mercedes-Benz SL55, and 2016 Range Rover.

3 Expensive garage: Rey Mysterio

via: wrestlingnews.net

Rey Mysterio has been one of the top performers in wrestling for over two decades now. The incredible work of Mysterio continues today with a recent return to WWE adding him to the full-time Smackdown roster. Mysterio got his start in WCW and succeeded against the odds of a smaller wrestler competing in the land of the giants at the time.

The passion for his garage has featured many great purchases from Mysterio throughout the years. Some of the top items shown off by Mysterio features his Maserati GTS Cuatro Porte and 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor Pickup. Rey also owns a few Harley-Davidson motorcycles customized by fellow wrestler and garage expert Chuck Palumbo.

2 Expensive garage: Goldberg

via: youtube.com

The run of Goldberg made him among the biggest stars in WCW history. Goldberg easily defeated most of the roster for the most successful undefeated streak to ever take place in wrestling. WCW found more success with Goldberg as the face of the promotion in 1998.

Goldberg’s love for his cars and motorcycles was stronger than his love of wrestling at times. The top items in Goldberg’s garage include incredible items like the 1968 Plymouth GTX Convertible, 1970 Camaro Z28, and the 1973 Super-Duty Trans Am. Goldberg also has a collection of vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The garage of Goldberg is among the most important things to him for good reason.

1 Weak garage: Mick Foley

via: twitter.com

Mick Foley is known for being among the cheapest wrestlers in the history of the business. The wrestling veteran certainly made enough to be content for the rest of his life. Foley did well in the WCW mid-card, but he found his greatest success as a top main event star for WWE in the Attitude Era.

The ups and downs in WCW influenced Foley to save as much as possible. Foley always rented the cheapest possible cars on the road and has been driving his red min-van on his downtime. The desire to drive a mini-van is still going strong today as he was spotted driving it on the Holy Foley reality show.

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