Formula 1: 5 Best Tracks & 5 That Fans (And Drivers) Hate

We're starting this article off with the five best and ending with the five worst formula one tracks that drivers and fans hate. Or is it they hate to love them? Whatever it is, buckle up for the world's fastest sport: Formula 1 Racing.

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The names are a bit hard to pronounce but do not let that hold anyone back from learning more about these crazy and twisted courses. They bring the heat, the speed, and the fun while a few may bring more dread than intended. Regardless, this sport is one for everyone. The sounds of the engines, the speed of these cars, the energy of the fans - there is not much like it.

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10 Best: Hockenheimring Circuit, Germany

The lovely Hockenheimring circuit in Germany is one like no other. This circuit sits in the Rhine Valley just near the town of Hockenheim which is located in Baden-Wurttemberg. This circuit is the host of none other than the biennial German Grand Prix. It holds 120,000 roaring fans and over 100 years of history. Every step taken on this track is a step taken upon a land o historical moments for Formula 1. This circuit was opened in 1932 on May 29th, to be exact. The large facility for the drivers and their fans creates quite the experience.

9 BEST: Suzuka Circuit, Japan

There is nothing quite like a hot summers day out in the fields, with the heat radiating off of the blacktop fervently awaiting the breeze blown off of the pure horsepower that whizzes by in true competitive fashion.

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This classic track in Ino, Japan seats a total of 155,000 fans. That many fans in a place like this, in Japan, it is sure to be a memorable experience. Suzuka is the only circuit used by F1 with a figure eight. At the top speeds, these cars get to, the quality of the drivers' control over these vehicles, and the anticipation building in the fans it must be incredible to both drive and witness that figure eight.

8 BEST: Silverstone Circuit, England

What a beautiful and historic land to both race and watch a race as England. Since its first open in 1947 this circuit has been bringing Formula 1 racings biggest fans together and pushing these drivers down the track at top speeds.

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This circuit seats 150,000 fans. It is owned by the British Racing Drivers' Club. With 3.66 miles of competition blacktop, it is an experience that should not be missed. Or as they like to say over there, 5.9 kilometers long. Just to make it sweeter, this circuit is created on a World War II Royal Air Force bomber station, which was known as RAF Silverstone. The circuit has gone under many changes since then but it has remained true to power since the planes to the cars.

7 BEST: Circuit De Monaco, Monaco

So these tracks are already known as road courses because of there twists and turns. Yet Circuit De Monaco did not hold back when it came to a 'road course.' Circuit De Monaco lays out across Monte Carlo through the city streets and into La Condamine around the harbor of the principality of Monaco. The capacity of this circuit is only 37,000 which is small comparatively speaking. However, that is 37,000 people tied into a tight space with the same energy. Annually this circuit hosts the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix and the Formula E Monaco ePrix.

6 BEST: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is home to the Spa 24 hours race hence the Circuits nickname as 'The Spa.' This circuit seats 70,000 high energy fans. This circuit is also home to the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix.

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This history of this beautiful circuit is splendid. In 1896, they raced in the Belgian Ardennes. Then from 1902, they raced partially on the public road making the first time public roads were ever closed down for any sort of motorized racing. Rich in history and high in horsepower, no one misses an experience at this track on purpose.

5 WORST: Caesars Palace

This circuit took place in the middle of a car park which is just horrible. Then it got moved to Las Vegas which was terrible on the drivers because of the crucial dessert heat much less the rough experience for even the fans. This attempt at a track opened in 1981 and was swept under the rug before long by just three short years later in 1984. The fact that it moved within the first year and was over in the first three years certainly speaks to how much the fans and the drivers did not like it.

4 worst: Tanaka International Circuit

The Tanaka International Circuit was held in Japan and home to two Michael Schumacher wins. He won his second world championship on that circuit. With a great location and wins by a Formula 1 Icon, it is almost a shame this circuit closed down.

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This circuit only held two races between 1994 and 1995.  With 13 turns and only 2.3 miles of track, it was just too short of a circuit. This was also built as a circuit for the wealthy. Two races in and it was decided to close the circuit down.

3 worst: Sochi Autodrom


The Sochi Autodrom holds 55,000 fans in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, Russia. With 18 turns and 5,848 kilometers of track, this circuit can get crazy one would think. However, it is rumored to have yet to produce an exciting race. There seems to be a similarity here with resort-based circuits and unenjoyable circuits. Perhaps enjoyable for one who has never been to a race, but not quite a sought after location. If it is not sought after than it is likely the drivers do not look forward to racing there like other tracks.


Out of all the circuits this one located in Berlin, Germany had the most groundbreaking design of them all. So why in the world is it one of the worst tracks? Perhaps that is because the first sentence is only facetious. This track consisted of, get ready for it, two straightaways and two corners. It was basically a super long line with two hoops on either end. Perhaps it was fun for super-fast speeds it does not compare to the terrain of other circuits. However, after World War II, it had to be shorted because part of the circuit was in Soviet territory. The fact that this became an official circuit is, well, interesting.

1 WORST: Yeongam International Circuit


Yeongam International Circuit is located next to a shipyard in Korea. It is rumored that this track has had much trouble drawing in a crowd. It also had a rough first year of its opening as it rained those races.

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It does, however, seat 135,000 fans just south of Seoul Korea. There has also been bad press out about the circuit in Korea. This could partake in the bad vibes of the circuit. Yet, such things can be overcome and accomplished in time. For Korea, this could be a huge opportunity to not be listed as a negative track but a desired part of the circuit.

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