Formula Drift Ferrari Catches Fire While On A Track

Formula Drift Ferrari Catches Fire While On A Track

The 900 hp Ferrari drift monster has caught fire.

So, remember that story from last week where Ferrari is getting into Formula Drift racing with an insane Ferrari 599 GTB that’s been tuned to pump out over 900 horses? Well, it crashed, and then it caught fire in its debut race.

Just a reminder to those of you who weren’t following along at home, Ferrari decided to get into Formula Drift racing because it’s awesome. In a racing genre that’s filled with tricked out Nissans, Mazdas, and Subarus, Ferrari thought they could bring an element of Italian refinement and teach everyone what it’s like to burn rubber with panache.


To do it, Ferrari gave Federico Sceriffo, a highly trained drift racer, a highly tuned Ferrari 599 GTB. They gave the car two massive supercharges to pump the power levels to over 900 and then gave it all the drivetrain strengthening a beast like that would need to not immediately burst into flames.

And indeed, the GTB called “Fiorella” did not burst into flames. At least, not immediately.

In his debut race against opponent Chelsea DeNofa in a Ford Mustang, Sceriffo seemed to completely whiff his turn, driving straight rather than performing the smoking drift that’s a hallmark of the series. Fiorella then slammed into the wall and quickly caught fire.

DeNofa, meanwhile, completed his run minus the front end of his car. But that could just be how DeNofa prefers to race his Mustang--Drifters are a very bizarre breed of racecar driver.

Sceriffo managed to escape unscathed, but his car was a burnt out wreck by the time the flames were extinguished. Not a great start for Ferrari’s FFF Drift Department.

According to Jalopnik, it was later determined that "a knuckle broke on the Ferrari (that’s the part that the wheel mounts to), which then pinched some lines and started the fire." So at least we know that it was a mechanical failure and no fault of the driver.

Here’s hoping that Ferrari gathers their broken car, repairs her, and gets Sceriffo back to drifting.


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