The 10 Formula 1 Drivers With The Most Wins (& How Much They Won)

Formula One racing may be extremely dangerous, but it can also be pretty lucrative, and these 10 drivers made millions through the sport.

Formula one is an international car racing sport first originated in the 1950s. Owned by the Formula One Group, the F1 is organized by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de I'Automobile).

Every season has Grand Prix, which is a series of races on F1 circuits and public roads. The fastest regulated road racing sport, the Formula one is one of the most daring and nerve-wracking sports out there in the world. Today, we are going to share with you the ten fantastic fast and furious drivers with the most wins in the world in consecutive order.

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10 Michael Schumacher

The legendary Michael Schumacher has won the Grand Prix a whopping 91 times, thereby holding the record of having most wins of anyone in the world. He is also the richest Formula One driver in the world with a net worth of $780M, mostly every penny from the salary and the bonuses from Ferrari and Mercedes.

What? You didn’t know? Yeah, Michael had come out of his retirement in 05 to race for Mercedes and had been named the first billionaire athlete of the world!

9 Lewis Hamilton

Closely following Michael, both in pay and records is Lewis Hamilton with a total of 83 wins so far. The 1.74 m tall British boy recently won the '19 Mexican Grand Prix. Quite famously, Lewis had broken the all-time F1 pole record held by Schumacher in 2017.

He is the richest young sportsman from Britain with an approximate net worth of $280M. This handsome boy is the highest-paid racer as of now and also has secured brand endorsements of many industry giants, and we believe he is going to break the net worth record of Schumacher too, in the years to come.

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8 Sebastian Vettel

The German Formula One racer Sebastian Vettel has won a total of 53 Grand Prix so far and is a four-time champion. He is the youngest person to win the Formula One world championship.

He has been driving Ferrari since 2015 and is arguably one of the best racers in Formula One history. He ranked number 14 in the list of top 100 highest-paid athletes in the world by Forbes. Currently, his estimated net worth stands at $120M.

7 Alain Prost

The retired French racer Allen Prost has won the Formula One world championship four times. He is the next in this list with 51 wins, which is the fourth-highest number of wins in the F1 auto racing. In fact, until 2011, he was the racer to hold the most wins in the Grand Prix. Undeniably, he is one of the greatest drivers alive. His net worth is estimated to be around $185M.

6 Ayrton Senna

The Brazilian hunk Senna is the next in the list with 41 wins all over the world. He was the world champion in the F1 races three times and was truly the greatest racer and person there ever will be!

Senna not only earned much more than all the racers listed here, but he also donated to the poor and the children much more than all of them combined. He died, unfortunately, far before his time at a young age of 34. He will always be a legend in the truest sense! His net worth was $400M.

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5 Fernando Alonso

Cute as a button, the Spanish racer Fernando Alonso is a former Formula One racer. He won the Formula One world championship twice where he beat Michael Schumacher and comes next in this series with 32 total wins. He could have beaten Lewis Hamilton and would have been the only five-time world champion Spaniard had he scored just 11 more points in his F1 racing career. Always been compared with Schumacher, he sits at an estimated net worth of $240M.

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4 Nigel Mansel

The British handsome Nigel Mansel is a retired Formula One racer and is one of the very few in the list of the number of fastest laps in the world. He has had an exceptionally long and successful Formula One career with the F1 world championship and Indy car series victories in his hat. He features next in this list with 31 wins. The most popular British racer of his time, he has garnered millions of fans and tons of racing events named after him. His net worth is estimated to be $90M.

3 Jackie Stewart

Sir Jackie Stewart is the next in the list with 21 total Grand Prix victories. He is a British F1 racer affectionately called the Flying Scot by his fans. He won the Formula One world championship three times and emerged as the runner up no less than two times. His track record was impeccable despite suffering from severe Dyslexia. Sir Jackie's net worth is approximately $50M.

2 Jim Clarke

Sir Jim Clarke was no less than a wonder with multitudes of influential victories under his belt. He was a British F1 racer and an incredibly versatile driver. He won the world championship two times. Not only an F1 racer, Sir Clarke used to drive and compete in all sorts of cars and events. He won the Grand Prix 25 times. Unfortunately, he died in an F2 crash at Hockenheim.

1 Niki Lauda

This Austrian Formula One racer is the last in the list but is a legend in his own right. He holds a total of 25 wins, too, and was crowned the world reaching champion three times. He is the only racer in while Formula One history who won the championship for Ferrari and McLaren too.

Despite surviving a nearly-fatal crash, Lauda competed just weeks after and won many races. A recent shock to the racing world, he died peacefully in 2019 at the age of 70. One of the greatest racers of all time, Niki Lauda had an estimated net worth of $200M at the time of his death. He will always be remembered for being a great person that he was.

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