Ford Reveals Mustang-Inspired Electric Crossover Will Be Unveiled This Year

Ford has revealed that their Mustang-inspired electric vehicle will be on display this year.

Ford's Mustang-inspired electric crossover is set to be revealed at some point this year, with the automakers announcing that a "new all-electric utility" will be introduced soon in a recent release.

The company made this revelation via a PDF outlining their earnings for last year and their projections for 2019.

Ford did not go into detail but has confirmed that the electric crossover will hit the show window this year and will be made available for purchase in 2020. While they steered clear of specifics, the automotive giants had previously indicated that said crossover will have a range of at least 300 miles.


via The Drive

If they are able to keep that promise, they will have produced a vehicle that is able to beat the Tesla Model X 100D, which needs to be recharged every 295 miles.

More information on the vehicle will be available in the coming months. However, the company has already claimed that the charging process will be an "effortless experience at home and on the road.

“Throwing a charger in the trunk of a vehicle and sending customers on their way isn’t enough to help promote the viability of electric vehicles so we are redesigning the ownership experience to ensure it addresses customer pain points that currently hold back broad adoption," the company's president of autonomous and electric vehicles, Sherif Marakby, has explained.

The company teased the electric crossover in the YouTube video seen above back in October. And, according to The Drive, the upcoming release could be named the "Mach E" or the "Mach-E" as a law firm acting on behalf of Ford filed for trademarks on the names with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in November.

The filings are said to pertain to "motor vehicles, namely, electric vehicles, passenger automobiles, trucks, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and structural parts, fittings, and badges therefor; metal license plate frames."

Meanwhile, Ford also published more details regarding their electric F-150. The vehicle was confirmed earlier this month and it was initially reported that it could roll out soon, however, the company has said that "early work" recently started on the truck, possibly meaning that it's still a few years away.


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