22 Eerie Gas Stations Nobody Ever Stops At

Society as a whole is in a state of constant flux and flow, and each individual facet of society is doing just the same thing, always changing, always adapting, always growing or shrinking, always expanding or being forgotten. Indeed, as a macrocosm and a microcosm, things tend to stay in a constant state of change. They say that the only thing that stays the same in a lifetime is the fact that everything is always changing. In a sea of fluctuating variables, the only constant is change itself.

Of course, when it comes to industries, these changes also occur, across the board. No matter the company, they face a shifting market, a consumer base that always will want or need something different, and the overall change of the times. Industries have to stay relevant to stay in existence, so every company out there always does what they can to stay relevant and modern.

The motoring industry is no different, and one facet of this industry is that of fuel. Fuel is a commodity, one that, for now at least, everyone who owns a car needs. In fact, there are thousands upon thousands of fueling stations across the globe. These stations all are quite similar, as they almost always have, of course, the pumps, but also provide other goods, snacks, road supplies, et cetera. But, like any business, sometimes these gas stations go out of business, left behind and forgotten by time. Let's take a look at 22 eerie gas stations nobody ever stops at anymore.

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22 All Hours, No Service

via flickr.com

Perhaps it was true at one point in time, far in the past or even more recently, that this particular service station and convenience store did indeed provide service to road-going travelers at all hours of the clock. But no more is that true.

Now it serves as an ode to a forgotten time twenty-four seven but provides no service. All hours, no service, and an empty property for the next era.

21 Beware Atrylo's Rage

via eccentric-roadside.com

Once this store was the location of Atrylo's garage, a place where any number of vehicles could be serviced, repaired, and fixed, whether emergency or otherwise, and carry on their way, whether on a road trip or just on the way home.

But, since it's been abandoned, it hasn't seen cars in ages. This has not settled well with Atrylo, whoever they are, because instead of having a place for cars to get serviced, he's created a place that embodies his very rage, and hence the new name of the shop "Atrylo's Rage."

20 Citgo Goes Away

via YouTube

Citgo goes away in this picture, as it's an old filling station that no longer services any kind of gas powered anything. Likely (hopefully) the tanks are empty, and rusting slowly away, so that soon all evidence underground will disappear.

Just as things are beginning to disappear aboveground, too. The parking lot is starting to dissolve, covered in plants and greenery. Eventually, the Citgo gazebo will fall over and the rest can disappear too, and nature will be given the break that it needs to heal.

19 Desolate And Empty, Not Filled

via lisanneharris.com

This filling station is just the opposite of filled. It's empty. Completely empty, actually, and boarded up. There hasn't been a customer here in years, perhaps decades even. The pumps stand, rusting slowly, fading in the sun and elements of nature.

The roof is rusty and likely leaks in many, many places, providing no shelter to no customers, as there just aren't any anymore. Nobody stops to get gas here, so the title "filling station" is just plain inaccurate. Maybe one day in the future it'll be reclaimed.

18 Even The Tarmac Is Gone

via asergeev.com

This is a full-fledged antique, and bigger than the average vintage collectible. This antique is the whole thing, the entire filling station. It's quite old, so old in fact that the tarmac is completely gone from around the area if it ever had any at all.

Perhaps it was just dirt-covered; it's possible considering just how old this looks. The old buildings are made of wood and corrugated metal, long since rusted and rotted. It won't be long before all that's left are the ruins of collapsed buildings and maybe the pumps if some collector doesn't come to take them.

17 Final Stop

via edfreeman.com

The beautiful symmetry of this photo is so visually pleasing it's almost hard to see the ruin and decay of this photo. But, the symmetry also lends to the feelings of desolation present in the photo, as it really is a harsh landscape photographed. There's naught but empty scrubland and vast mountains far off in the distance.

In the height of the motoring era of America, it's likely that this station saw quite a lot of traffic, and helped any number of needy road-goers. It was in just the position to aid, where no other service stations existed. Alas, without motorists, there's no business, and that's why this one is no more.

16 Ghostly Family Cafe

via reddit.com

This family cafe once was home to a bustling business that provided all kinds of delicious foods and drinks for traveling families, parents traveling with their kids across the country, and I'm sure many solo travelers who didn't have any family.

Nowadays even the solo travelers don't stop here, the owners and employees have failed at creating an ever-shifting close-knit family of strangers. The building remains empty, abandoned, and no one stops here for gas or anything else, save perhaps to get a glimpse of a time that no longer exists.

15 Halloween Pump Stop

via pinterest.com

This eerie pump stop is the perfect setting for a Halloween escapade, some kind of movie, a haunted building to avoid whilst trick-or-treating, in any case, something along those lines. The old windows and faded signage make for a beautiful scene, especially with the bright red gas pump out front, rusted with age.

The flowers make it picturesque, along with the lighting. The draw of abandoned areas for photographers is well illustrated with this photograph, which somehow embodies history, age, growth, peace, and eeriness all in the same capture.

14 In Best Interests To Avoid

via reddit.com

This old station has not seen a customer in a very, very long time, nor has it filled the tank of a car in ages upon ages. The paint is faded, the structures are crumbling, and even the old pumps have been completely removed.

It's hard to tell if the windows are still intact, though it's unlikely that they would be at all, considering the overall age of the structure. There isn't even any concrete left if any it's segmented and cracked, filled in with leaves and new growth.

13 Jarring Fiery Scene

via pinterest.com

Nobody stops at this gas station anymore because it suffered from a big fire. Either it burned after it closed down, which wouldn't have been that big of a tragedy, or it burned before they closed, and that's the reason it's no longer in business.

In any case, no one stops for gas here anymore, and they haven't for some time now, as the lo-gas and eatery have shut its doors. You won't find any fuel here, if it wasn't all dried up it's been burned in the fire.

12 Kissed With The Sweet Poison Of Time

via commons.wikimedia.org

This old co-op gasoline fuel station has seen better days, that's for sure. There once was a time when someone actively maintained the property, kept it clean, repainted, did repairs, et cetera, but that time has long since come and passed.

Without revenue, the shop closed down. And without human presence, the beautiful course of nature has been allowed to take effect, with the weather slowly eroding the building, the plants breaking up the asphalt, and the simple passing of time fading all.

11 Littered With Trash, Coated In Graffiti

via nydailynews.com

This old service station has clearly seen better days, with all its lights knocked out it is a sad shadowy shell of what it once was. Filled to the brim with unhealthy gas station snacks, cigarettes, and car supplies, it was a haven for motorists needing a quick break, a quick snack, or those in need of a repair or refill of fluids.

Nowadays it's an empty haunt, refilling nothing for no one, and the only people who make it here are those looking for eerie empty memories, a blank canvas for their art, or seeking a look back to a time where life once existed.

10 Melting Away With Each Decade

via eccentricroadside.com

One of the three has been consumed by rust. The other two are close to reaching that point, with their paint severely faded, peeling off in many places, revealing exposed metal just ready for rust to take over. Once the rust sets in, a process begins that will be hard if not impossible to reverse.

These old pumps, decade after decade will continue to melt and crumble, decay and fall apart into dilapidation. They are quite the antiques, too, as modern pumps don't look much like this at all anymore.

9 New Is Not The Word

via pinterest.com

When describing this scene, new is most definitely not the word that should be used, as there really isn't anything within the frame that could be considered new, or anything close to new. The fuel station has been empty for some long time now, left to age and rot.

The signs are faded, though the glass is still intact, and the pumps are dated and old, they don't take credit cards nor could they dream of it. The concrete is cracked and falling apart, all is rusty. Even the car is old and dilapidated.

8 Onward Marches Mystic Time

via pinterest.com

Mystik may not be a familiar brand name when it comes to all things burnable petroleum product, but it was at one time a fairly successful company, at least enough to warrant having such a large filling station as this, and likely many more.

Unfortunately, due to the mystic marching of time, the company has faded into the past, and this bright blue filling station coated in graffiti is all that remains as an ode to a place that once wasn't empty.

7 Pumps All Out Of Fuel

via abandonedberlin.com

The eeriest part about this filling station isn't the sunny light, the green plants and foliage, nor the quaint 20's feel of the pumps, but the spray-painted smiley face on the third pump from the left. It has a hollow, haunting feel, especially because it's on abandoned pumps.

Pair that with the dripping eyes that make it look like it's crying through its smile, and it makes for a rather unsettling image. But, it makes for good photography, and the lure of finding these kinds of places is a surprisingly addicting one.

6 Quick Stop At The Retro Shell

via YouTube

Shell has been around for a while now, as one of the many super-corporations that virtually run most of the economy, but even such an untouchable entity as this, with so much power and so much control, has to face the fact that sometimes the market is just unpredictable.

Sometimes it falls, sometimes it grows, but that means that sometimes Shell has to close down one of their gas stations, as they've done here. The sign is quite retro, too, meaning that it's been a while since this one was abandoned.

5 Retro Gulf

via burnmagazine.org

This tiny little fuel station has a certain charm that you just don't find nowadays in the new age of the building. They don't use such lasting materials as brick and stone, metal and paint. Instead, they opt for poisonous plastics, and things that don't last like fiberglass and particle board.

This quaint gas station offers fuel to customers no more, unfortunately, but it could easily be repurposed as any number of things. Whatever it ends up being, they should keep the sign as an ode to an age when things were a bit simpler, and better in many ways.

4 Stop For Fuel No More

via jaypeg.com

From the road it might be that this old gas station isn't even visible, hidden and concealed behind tall foliage and the empty promise of an equally empty lot, to be driven past and not given a second glance.

But for those who seek these kinds of places, the empty spaces where people and humanity once existed, the spaces between words, the intake of breath between phrases, the rest note within a symphony, it's worth much more than a second glance. It's worth an exploration, a new existence, away from the current of the present.

3 The Ticking Of Time Taps On

via lisanneharris.com

It's often in the urban abandoned scene that glass is one of the first things to go once a clear human presence is no longer active. Vandals break them out, weather, any number of things lead to glass usually being broken out rather quickly.

Hence why, in this case, to prevent unwarranted residency, from people or animals, the property owners vied to throw up some boards, to keep the elements out, and everything else, too. Since then the boards have become weathered and faded, covered in posters.

2 Under Cold Eerie Light

via reddit.com

The eerie, cold light that washes over this empty spooky gas station in the middle of the night only adds to the haunting nature of it. Having never seen a customer in years, maybe longer, the decay is clearly evident. Yet, as is sometimes the case, this building still receives electricity.

As to why it would still get power is a mystery, as it seems like pretty much a waste of energy. Who would need to see at night here? Nobody has filled up here in ages. In fact, like most people, I'd tend to steer clear of this one, and this is a gas station I would never stop at. At least not for fuel.

1 Vanishing In Sand And Time

via medium.com

Some places in the world are distinctly more inhospitable to the creations and buildings of mankind. One of those places is the desert, where the relentless sand and blowing wind erodes and decays things faster than many places. The constant exposure to the sun only adds to the ruination.

This filling station in the desert is just such an example, where all has faded to very dim shades of the same sandy beige, and the structure itself is starting to crumble away completely. Let's just say that it might be best to stay away from this gas statio, unless you're looking to explore.

Sources: Reddit, Medium & Lisanne Harris

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