This Company Rebuilds Stylish Classic Ford Broncos

Gateway might not be on your radar, but they're rebuilding classic Ford Broncos for you to buy.

Well, dreams become reality for fans of the 50-year-old Ford Bronco model, as they will now be available to order. And the biggest news of all is that they’ll be brand new!

Imagine being able to get your favorite car delivered right to your door after years of it being off the market. The only way you could get your hands on such a classic would have been to pawn through copies of auto-trader and hope that someone was selling it. But even then, if you got your mitts on an older version, there was always something wrong with it and loads and loads of work to be done, right?

Until now.

There are indeed many small companies that have overtaken production on old companies that are now defunct. Case in point: DeLorean and of course Triumph Motorcycles (which in this case, they make new models, as the company was purchased by Bloor Holdings Limited after Triumph went out of business), but we’re sure you catch our drift. A company out of Texas makes the old DMC (DeLorean) we were used to seeing and with all original parts, which is a little closer to what we're talking about here.


via yousense.info

Recently, according to CNET, the company Gateway Broncos got the official go-ahead by the Ford Motor Company to legally reproduce the classic Bronco from 50 years ago and out of fresh sheet metal no less.

So, you fans out there of the Broncos made by the Ford company between the years of 1966 and 1977 can start applauding and popping bottles in complete euphoria, because you’ll be able to purchase these sometime soon, and they’ll be brand-spankin’ new, which is the greatest news of all.

The trucks will be coming in three distinct models: the Fuelie, the Modern Day Warrior, and of course the Coyote Edition.

The trucks will also come complete with brand new engines and there are even rumors of modern-day rust-proofing technologies being added. The aforementioned Fuelie will feature a V8 engine as opposed to the old version’s V6 and the Warrior and the Coyote will be, now get ready for this, complete with a powerful 5.0 liter V8 from the Ford Mustang of all vehicles. Now if that doesn’t make you jump up and high-five yourself, I don’t know what will.

Quotable prices right now are running in between $120 000 to $180 000. Indeed, it’s a lot of dough, but think about it this way — these are classic vehicles being built by a restoration company bringing forth a piece of vehicular history and restoring them with stellar new features and parts.


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