Gearhead Reveals What's Next For His Nissan 350Z With Hellcat Engine

The Hellcat engine is magical, and it inspires many mechanics to try things that are flat out insane, like putting one inside of a Nissan 350Z.

Gearhead Makes Online Diary For His Nissan 350Z With Hellcat Engine

Our noble Chrysler mechanic continues his project of swapping a Hellcat engine into a Nissan 350Z, and now provides us with his plans for the future.

Earlier in December, we met 3FIDDYZEEJAY on YouTube. A Chrysler mechanic by trade, he somehow managed to acquire the 6.2-L supercharged V8 engine from a Dodge Hellcat and just had an old Nissan 350Z lying around. Why not swap the engines and turn the little Nissan into a drift monster?

So that’s what he’s doing. On his first video showing the Hellcat engine nestled inside the 350Z’s engine bay, it seemed like the massive V8 just wouldn’t fit. On his second update, he was a lot more optimistic, finding a few extra inches after hammering out the transmission tunnel.

On update number three, 3Fiddy is pretty much committed to this project. Challenges remain, but we’re now more certain than ever that a Hellcat-powered Nissan will hit the streets sometime in the future

Not that it’ll happen fast. On this update, 3Fiddy admitted that work had stalled pending the delivery of his new transmission. With the limited room and the massive torque requirements, we’re thinking this is going to be a custom job but we’re not sure since he didn’t say.


What we do know is that after the transmission arrives, 3Fiddy will install the engine and then work on getting the wiring and various hydraulics to work. Once that’s done he plans to widen the front end (and likely get a custom hood as well since the hood won’t close with the massive V8 underneath it) and turn it into a true drift racer.

He also revealed plans for the interior. Unsurprisingly, the interior will be mostly gutted with new racing seats installed in place of the 350Z’s stock buckets. There’s also plans to remove the rear divider in order to have a more open cockpit and also to install a roll cage.

The dashboard will be kept mostly stock, although 3Fiddy does want to install some new custom gauges. He also wants to retain the radio for some “bumpin’ tunes” too.

We’ll report more in the new year as work resumes. We’ve got high hopes for this rig to be doing some sweet donuts in the near future.


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