Gearhead Puts Hellcat Engine Inside Chrysler 300

One driver decided to supercharge his Chrysler 300 by putting a powerful Hellcat engine inside his ride. Here is the result.

So just when you thought you’d seen it all, someone’s gone and broken the laws of mechanics and done something extraordinary once again, fusing the Chrysler 300 and the Dodge Hellcat and in the process, built themselves one heck of an awesome ride and dragster car.

For years the Chrysler 300 has been regarded as Chrysler’s answer to luxurious cars of previous eras, particularly Jaguars and even Bentleys—the first generation, 2005 model quite resembling the aforementioned vehicles quite a bit. The only difference, of course, was the price. Regardless of its considerably lower marking on the price tag, it still fared quite well on the market and even did well with fans of a more muscular sort of vehicle.


via Car and Driver

The newer generation 300 went into production in 2004 and has been modified and renewed by the company considerably, a newer generation having been unveiled in 2011 and is still in production to this day.

As for the Hellcat, really, this vehicle needs no introduction, as it is a favored muscle car among gearheads and motorheads alike. The Charger and Challenger alone are the forerunners at the top of the list for most automotive enthusiasts anyways, as are the vehicle’s variants like the Hellcat.

The Hellcat itself was introduced in 2015 and talk about high performance. This vehicle contained a supercharged Hemi engine, and one with 707 horsepower, a 6.2 V8 and a whopping 650 pounds of torque per foot! Talk about a monster, or rather a Ferocious Feline From Hell! Hence the name.

Well, advancements in the automotive industry take imagination and skill. And it’s these two attributes that many weekend mechanics have. Gearheads are consistently trying to one-up the next guy with incredibly imaginative builds, and this is precisely what we have here in this monstrosity.

A Hemi engine very much like the Hellcat’s have been placed into 300s before, specifically into a 1957 Chrysler 300 (part of the Chrysler 300 "letter series," a series that was produced between the years of 1955 to 1965), but probably not to this extent it would seem.

Here, the body of a Second Generation Chrysler 300, specifically, a 2014 Chrysler 300 SRT8, was made even more impressive by the installation of a complete and monstrous Hellcat block, which took this already impressive car into something of power and beauty. To watch the online videos that have surfaced is an exercise in wonder and mechanical genius. Seeing that 300 bound down the track can be described as nothing else but a thing of beauty.

Some comments made on the Video’s thread show that there is indeed a promise of interest for this type of vehicle on the market: “ YouTube subscriber, ThomasProfound says “… I love when 300's get some attention …” and subscriber Chris Warfe suggests “ … I wish they would go ahead and make this an option. Hellcat 300c …”

Can you imagine a Hellcat 300 option? We like your thinking, Chris, as I’m sure our readers do as well. That would indeed be a dream, dear readers. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for that one.


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