Idiot Gearhead Covers Tires In Glue Thinking It Will Give Him Better Launches

We do not recommend covering your tires in glue to help with racing. It makes a mess and doesn't really help, as this video demonstrates.

Glue Truck

A mildly idiotic gearhead thought that covering his tires in mouse trap glue would give him better traction for a drag race. Spoiler alert: it didn’t.

Remember the guy who decided to place 6-foot wheel spacers on his Silverado Duramax turbodiesel? Well he’s back, and this time he has a problem. His tuned Silverado produces something approaching 700 hp (we’re not sure if this is true or not, given his theatrical explanation of what happened to the dyno that tested his truck), which means that it has some difficulty sticking to the pavement when he wants to drag race.

This is a common problem for pickup trucks. Sure, the weight helps a bit, but often there’s too much weight in the front and not enough weight in the back. Also, all-terrain or all-season tires aren’t really designed to maintain grip with the road surface when powering from a standstill.

Normally, the fix for this problem would be purpose-built drag race radials, but WhistlinDiesel has a better idea: glue. Specifically, industrial mousetrap glue designed to provide a slow, agonizing death from starvation to rodents.

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This stuff is just plain awful. First, it comes with a bajillion chemical warnings that just guarantee that it’s toxic as all hell. Second, it is so sticky that WhistlinDiesel actually removes some of the asphalt during his testing.

Of course, the biggest mess is on WhistlinDiesel’s poor Silverado. The entire wheel well and rear of the truck is covered in glue. We have no idea how he plans to remove that ugly stuff, but it will definitely require some caustic chemicals that can’t be good for the truck’s paint.

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