Ridiculous Gearhead Welds Backends Of Two Cars Together, Creating God Awful Monstrosity

Ridiculous Gearhead Welds Backend Of Two Cars Together, Creating God Awful Monstrosity

Once again, a Russian gearhead has done something ridiculous and welded the back ends of two cars together, creating a monstrosity we don’t even have words for.

Last time we heard from Garage 54, he was busily adding wheel spacers onto his Lada to give it massive 38-inch wheels. The time before that, he welded the prop shaft directly to the motor and essentially made his car explode.

Now he’s back with another crazy idea: welding the two rear ends of two 3-door Lada Samara hatchbacks together to create a bizarre tank. Which he calls the “butt tank”, although the Russian translation is somewhat more vulgar.

First, Garage 54 procured two Lada Samaras, one with a motor, and the other without a motor. It doesn’t really matter that one has a motor and the other doesn’t as the car is front-engined and therefore cutting off the front to only use the back end will result in a final product with zero motors.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. After grinding the two cars in half, he and his team then weld the two halves together using a blowtorch. The final product is something out of a Salvador Dali painting, only if Dali was more concerned with cars than melting clocks.

It rolls, which is sort of a successful test, but other than it can’t do much. Because both Ladas were front-engined and front-wheel-driven, neither of the two rear ends can be steered. This means the final “butt tank” (as we’ll call it) has two solid axles that cannot turn the wheels and no motors to speak of.

Something tells us there wasn’t a whole lot of planning done before Garage 54 embarked on this adventure.

At the end, he says they’ll plan to put some electric motors in it or something, but that still doesn’t solve the whole “lack of steering” problem. Or where you’d put a battery. Or a gas tank. Or a motor, electric or otherwise.

Success? We’ll find out on the next episode.


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