Genesis Designer Sells Off Lamborghini Collection

The head of Genesis' design team recently sold off his Lamborghini collection, and he opened up about why he did so.

Genesis Designer Sells Off Lamborghini Collection

The head of Genesis’ design department sold off his Lamborghini collection, but it wasn’t for the money.

Luc Donckerwolke is the Global Head of Design at Genesis, the Hyundai sub-brand most concerned with luxury. Before he headed up the design team, Donckerwolke worked as a designer at Lamborghini at Bentley, where he began collecting Lambos thanks to the company’s generous pay and even more generous employee discount.

But then the Belgian designer sold them all. Why, you ask? Apparently, it was a “phase”.

“I had Lamborghinis before, but you know, you have phases,” Luc told AutoGuide in an interview at the New York Auto Show earlier this year. “I probably would have made more money from keeping them and selling them now, but it was a phase. I thought that keeping cars from a brand I worked for was pulling me back in the past. At one point, I decided to turn the page and not look in the rearview mirror.”

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But it was more than just a love for fast, ostentatious Italian cars that faded from his current self. Luc also admitted that Lamborghini’s designs were too heavily influencing his work at Genesis, and the only solution was to be rid of them entirely.

“The whole market is trying to do this wedge shape, but we’re trying to go against it,” he said. “If you look too close to the others … the main danger is your subconscious.”


Luc says the joy of working at Genesis is the fact that the company is new and doesn’t have the weight of history hold them back. He can take risks, explore new and fascinating designs, but only if he doesn’t draw too heavily from his own past. So the old Lambos had to go.

“When you’re designing a Lamborghini or Bentley, the momentum of 50 years or 100 years of tradition helps push an idea that is maybe not right,” he said. “It is wrong to go too much in one direction, even more for a brand like Lamborghini or Bentley. At one point, you have to say, ‘People are expecting me to do this, let’s do that instead.’ ”

So what does Luc collect now if not Lamborghinis? Evidently, his compensation with Genesis is good enough that he can collect Porsches instead.

“I have a passion for Porsche 911s because they were the cars that brought me to car design. As a kid, I was fascinated by them,” said Luc. He owns 10 different 911s, a 944, and a 928.

Apparently, Porsche’s don’t affect his designs too much, or else he’s fine with Genesis having a bit of Porsche in their look.


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