That Crazy Genesis Essentia Concept Will Get A Limited Edition Coupe

Genesis' Essentia concept is actually coming, and it could be a limited edition coupe!

The Genesis Essentia concept car has been dismissed to be just another idea from Hyundai to breathe life into their Luxury brand. Many think that Hyundai is trying to build and crusade awareness since this line broke away from the brand at least two years ago in late 2016. 

Hyundai unveiled the Genesis Essentia during the 2018 New York auto show. This electric grand tourer ride has awesome features which included butterfly doors, blue smooth velvet carpeting, copper wheels, a carbon fiber body, and an amazing transparent hood.


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There is a lot of skepticism going around about Hyundai actually going through with production of this car. Erwin Raphael, the executive director of Genesis in North America, said that the car will be produced soon not giving an exact date when production is set to start. Motortrend, however, says the car will be a limited edition and much more pricer than anything in the Genesis line.

According to Manfred Fitzgerald who is Genesis’ global head stated that production could start as early as 2021 or 2022. They would make slight changes to the car like replacement of the butterfly doors with conventional ones, but they intend to keep the other features as they are saying they're technically feasible.

Genesis is under the Hyundai umbrella and was created to be the luxury brand in 2016. They promised to have six cars from this platform in five years. So far, they have three vehicles out there with two crossovers and a sports coupe that is yet to be unveiled and three more to go.

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Their latest unveiling of the Essentia has people asking if this is the sports coupe everyone was anticipating. This could not be confirmed by Raphael who mentioned it could be the coupe or maybe a seventh model in their growing portfolio. Genesis does not have any other electric car under its umbrella seeing that the GV80 crossover concept is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. So, the Essentia is the first EV  in line for Genesis.

This might be the move to get the Genesis brand back on its feet and grow their portfolio or the one that is going to plunge them into a sea of misfortune. Let us all hope that they will play their cards right and see this project through.


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