Genesis Overhauls G90 Design For 2020 Model Year

Genesis is changing the G90 for 2020, here's what to expect.

Longevity is a big concept in the automotive industry, and when it comes to motor vehicle companies that have been around for many years, there comes a consumer trust that is unparalleled in any other field or industry.

This is more than understandable but also leads us to wonder why a company like Genesis Motors would have such a following at such a young age. And a young age it has indeed. At only three years in existence, this division of Hyundai is still a baby in terms of production and experience on the market and on the streets.

But when quality is produced, maybe too are the lines of experience marred and set aside, giving out the once in a lifetime exception to a company that has started well and seemingly right off the bat.

Their main export: Luxury Vehicles.

Their line of experts—former designers from companies like Bugatti and Bentley—this team boasts experience and has indeed followed through.

As it stands, the division has offered the world three distinct models including the G60, the G70, the G80, the previous G90 models and has a vehicle coming that may just shatter expectations and all predecessors, the new G90 for 2020—as well as two crossovers. And no, the names aren’t all that original and if you look closely enough, neither are the designs, as they do resemble the Bentley models of recent years, but those similarities haven’t changed the fact that many are indeed excited for the division’s newest designs.

Pictures have already surfaced online and they have been shared, posted and re-posted over and over again, generating steam like a steam-engine on overdrive.


via m.auto.danawa.com

According to Motor1, the changes that the vehicle has undergone are quite substantial and attention can definitely be directed to the grille at the forefront of the vehicle, as well as the creases in the hood, almost like wrinkles on an aged and wise face. And yes, the model is an older version of what has come before, but the target audience seems to be the middle-aged male of North America. At least that’s what a lot of the photos are telling us, the male models pictured fit that demographic perfectly and the campaign is indeed speaking for itself, so something was indeed done right, or so we hope.

And enough about the aesthetics for now.

However, mechanically speaking, the specs still haven’t been released, but the rumor mill is running rampant on buzz that the mechanics haven’t changed all that much from previous models.

So we ask, in the end, is this just a facelift? Or is there something of substance in store for consumers when this model hits the streets?

To that we say: Only time will tell dear readers.


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