Genius Thief Makes Off With Ferrarri 288 GTO During Test Drive

A thief was able to escape with a very expensive Ferrari during a road run.

A very clever thief was able to make off with a rare turbocharged Ferrari Gran Turismo Omologato in Duesseldorf, Germany in quite the daring heist.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Police were on the lookout for the criminal mastermind, who needed several things to fall into place for his crime to come to fruition.

The thief pretended to be a buyer for the car, worth more than 2 million euros, after it had been advertised for sale. He responded to the ad with genuine interest - or so it appeared - and set up a date to test drive the vehicle.

With everything in place, he went to test things out with the seller. When they got out of the car to switch places, however, he quickly jumped into the driver's seat and sped off leaving a very bewildered seller in his dust.

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The car is said to once belong to Formula One racer Eddie Irvine but is now owned by a German millionaire. It was on consignment at a car sales house in Neuss, Germany just outside of Duesseldorf.

Persons from the dealership say the thief had a French accent.

Only 272 units of this mid-engine Ferrari have ever been sold so it would have been likely to raise eyebrows if it ever went up for sale elsewhere. Likewise, any parts displayed for sale would have put persons on the alert as well.

USA Today has since reported that Police have found the car but are still on the hunt for the suspect.

Of course, we aren't seeking to glorify this crime here but whoever pulled this off has to be quite the genius. Let's see if he's smart enough to keep himself out of jail.

Anyhoo, we would advise a bit more caution before taking someone to test drive a 2 million euro car. Maybe don't go it alone?

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