Which Is better? German vs. Japanese Cars

German or Japanese engineering? Who’s the ultimate auto manufacturer? We compare them to find out.

German or Japanese engineering? Who’s the ultimate auto manufacturer? The two automobile manufacturers have been dominating the car production industry for decades. Though they have different target markets, it’s a never-ending debate, between their fan base on which of the two manufacturers is better.

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Both automakers are consistent and produce high-quality units. German manufacturers have a reputation for attention to detail, performance, and precision. Japanese automakers, on the other hand, are popular for producing long-serving, affordable, and reliable units. History aside, has rapidly advanced technology, market share, and time changed anything between the two automakers? Well, to determine who comes out at the top, we compared the following factors.

10 Aesthetics and Design

9 Reliability

8 Maintenance and Cost of Repairs

German vehicles, on the other hand, are designed and manufactured for the high-end market. Their brands are synonymous with power and luxury and have little emphasis on affordability. When you pop up the hood of an Audi or a Porsche, you’ll find parts that you’ll hardly find anywhere else, and when it comes to maintenance, owners will have to seek specialized services, that are a lot heftier compared to Japanese.

7 Driving Experience

6 Safety Ratings

5 Performance

4 Durability

3 Value for Money

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If you are looking for value for your money on a vehicle and none of that performance or fun driving experience, you are better off with a Japanese brand. They continue getting credit for their robust and trouble-free units. Japanese automakers put a lot of focus on the continuous improvement of their brands. Meaning, their units are reasonably priced with solid builds that are a lot easier to repair than their German counterparts.

2 Quality Control

1 Cost Per Unit

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