GM Begins Transition To Single Platform For Pickups

GM is looking to streamline their production by moving their pickups to a single platform, that process has begun.

By 2019, GM will be producing only T1 platform trucks in all denominations such as regular cab style, and also double, and crew — but they've got a bit of work to do before that time comes.

General Motors has been churning out vehicles since 1908 and that’s no small feat. Yet, to still be on top after all that time, is that much more impressive. Since the days of the GMC C-Series dating back to the early 1940’s, GM has been building effective and reliable trucks and they haven’t looked back since, moving farther and way beyond other manufacturers in the game.

But why the sudden direction?

General Motors once again proves why it’s a top contender in the production of pickup trucks and why sales have been doing so well as of late. Rumor has it, sales are going through the roof and the news that they’re switching back to a single platform has more than a few people a little excited.


via Chevrolet Canada

According to Autonews.com, GM actually has two separate plants working on different models, doubling their output and thus keeping up with the high demand—particularly for the Sierra and Silverado models. They’re producing both the newer versions and older versions of the half-ton platform trucks. And all this is just for the assembly. As it turns out, many models are also being sent to a third location to be painted and finished to only speed the process up further.

A lot of moving parts?

Yes, but it’s all going according to plan, as per GM.

Here’s the breakdown. According to pickuptrucks.com, they have GM’s Silao, Mexico plant working to finish older orders of the models to furnish dealerships across North America, all the while, their Fort Wayne, Indiana plant is busy putting together the newer models such as the Silverado (2019) and the Sierra platforms (which will be complete with V8 engines). And that’s when they get shipped from the Fort Wayne plant to the third location, the Osahwa, Ontario plant for painting and finishing.


We think so, and extremely well executed.

According to cars.com, the GM line-up, as we know it, wouldn’t exist without the production of their line of pickups—the sales being so high—and sales are expected to peak evermore with this turn of events, making GM a leader once again. What more can we expect from GM?


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