GM Plans To Release Unibody Pickup To Compete With Ford Focus-Based Truck

It looks like GM is taking it to Ford in the South American market with a Unibody pickup.

There are indeed plans in the works for GM to release a Unibody pickup truck, but the word on the street is that the sales will be directly targeting foreign markets, particularly South America. The design is said to be going head to head in direct competition with none other than the Focus driven designs announced by the Ford Motor Company.

To say that GM trucks have been a notch behind the Ford brand for quite a number of years would in fact be a grave understatement. The company has been lagging, and these recent plans show that GM is playing nothing but a decent game of catch up.

It has been discussed that the truck will be premiering sometime in 2020, and many have expressed interest in the new design, although it doesn’t really have the typical pickup body that we’re all used to in North America. The design is quite common south of the border and this is why many have concluded that the target consumer will undoubtedly be the South American motorist.

According to gurufocus.com, a name hasn’t yet been released for the vehicle, but apparently, it’ll definitely have four doors.

So what’s the benefit of a Unibody vehicle like this one?


via Motor1.com

Well, according to digitaltrends.com, the shell body is actually the vehicle's chassis, as opposed to a different frame or piece of the body, which actually accentuates the truck's resilience and rigidity.

Apparently, Ford will be launching a Focus-based Unibody truck—also to be directed upon a South American consumer, and GM hopes to have the upper hand with their designs. The Chevrolet Montana did well in the past, especially in South America, but many still hold out for Ford to win out. Of course, time will definitely tell a story and maybe a different one altogether, but regardless, we’re going to have to wait it out.

In the meantime, we can compare notes on previous models and previous specs, in which time and time again, Ford comes out the winner.

Will this be a study in precedence, or will we have a sleeper on our hands? As always, we’ll keep you posted, dear readers.


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