GM Calls Off Partnership Talks With Electric Truck Maker Rivian


GM and Rivian have called off partnership talks that would have seen General Motors gain access to Rivian’s impressive electric skateboard technology.

Late last year, electric truckmaker Rivian unveiled their future products: the R1T electric pickup and the R1S electric SUV. Both were impressive pieces of machinery with a potential range of 400 miles and more than enough horsepower to haul whatever cargo a family could have.

The best part of Rivian’s products was that the electric chassis that both truck and SUV were built upon is fully modular and easily adapted to make other products. Rivian was actively trying to sell their platform to other carmakers so they too could make electric trucks and SUVs, with Amazon and GM being first in line.

Amazon invested $700 million in Rivian last February. Amazon is creating its own fleet of self-driving cars, and while self-driving pickups are not out of the question, it still remains to be seen if Amazon is preparing to become a competitor in the automotive market.

GM, on the other hand, is known to be hard at work making their own electric pickup, and Rivian’s technology would give them a much-needed boost to its development. Rivian would have gained access to GM’s production facilities, which would have allowed them to produce the R1S and R1T that much sooner.

However, it seems that talks between GM and Rivian have fallen through. A source speaking to Motor Trend said that the deal has been called off as of two weeks ago, “with Rivian founder R.J. Scaringe wanting to keep his options open.”

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GM was more tight-lipped as to why discussions didn’t lead to a deal. "As we have stated, we admire Rivian's contribution to a future of zero emissions and an all-electric future," a GM spokesperson said. "Talks occur on a regular basis in the auto industry between a variety of partners, but as a matter of policy we don't discuss who, where or when those discussions might occur."

Rivian continues to market its technology to other carmakers, so we may yet see more electric pickups in the near term.


Rivian Has Big Plans To Use Amazon’s Money
Rivian Has Big Plans To Use Amazon’s Money

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