Gran Turismo: 18 Easter Eggs We Totally Missed

Gran Turismo has been one of the largest racing franchises to date. Spanning well over 20 years and multiple games, this PlayStation game only game has not only drawn people to the game but to buy a Playstation as well.

Like many other games, Gran Turismo is one that tends to put little-hidden details in the game to pay homage to certain people and others that are just plain funny. However, today we are going to dig deeper into finding 18 Easter eggs in Gran Turismo that you may have missed.

Each of these spans from the many Gran Turismo games including GT Sport which is the latest release of the franchise. In this, you might even find some little known Easter eggs that you weren't even aware that existed.

Gran Turismo has things from the Loch Ness monster to monkeys to some of the developers of the game. There is something that you can find at almost every corner of the tracks that are showcased in the game.

Fortunately, we have found some of the best Easter eggs in the Gran Turismo franchise and we have come up with 18 of the best Easter eggs that you might have missed in the Gran Turismo franchise, starting with Gran Turismo 4 and moving all the way up to Gran Turismo Sport. To begin we are starting with Gran Turismo 4 and a hidden Easter egg that you might not have found.

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18 Hideo Kojima

Via YouTube

Now, this is one that you might not know of at first glance, but this is again at Willow Springs in Gran Turismo Sport. This is Hideo Kojima, one of the most well-known video game designers of our time.

He can be seen as a spectator here, as he also has a passion for cars. He is most known for the Metal Gear Solid series of games, but he also has designed some of the biggest game titles of the generation.

17 Secret R34 GTR Easter Egg

Via Formula.de

This was one of the most iconic Easter eggs of the Gran Turismo series. Not only are you using one of the best cars ever made in the Nissan GTR R34. The developers left this gem of an Easter egg under the car so it would be extremely rare to find as is.

As you can see, this was something that they actually wanted us to find. As you can see, they even left a note, "Thanks for finding this! :)" which actually is something that is pretty cool that the developers would do for those who are looking for Easter eggs in the games.

16 Loch Ness Monster

Via SmallBlogV8

The Loch Ness monster is something that has been of legend for many years. It isn't surprising that in games, movies and even TV shows you can find small references to the mythical creature.

On the Trail Circuit, you can find the creature for yourself in Gran Turismo. In the distance, you can see the outline of a small creature, and low and behold this is the Loch Ness monster legend. Gran Turismo is also on board with putting these subtle Easter eggs into their games.

15 GT Logo in the Building

Via Playstationtrophies

How would it look to have your logo on a building? Well, when it comes to Gran Turismo they don't have any shame about putting some brand recognition into their games since they are the ones that develop them of course.

This can be found on special stage 5, in one of the buildings alongside the track. Not only are the offices illuminating up in the pattern of the Gran Turismo logo, but they give the perfect outline of another Easter egg that you can try and find.

14 Secret Cockpit View

Via GTPlanet

This is something that we are seeing because it is a solid Easter egg. If you did not know, in GT4 you actually didn't have a true cockpit view, which was introduced into games afterward.

In fact, if you got into the Shelby Cobra, you could maneuver your camera around in order to get a view at your driver and the awesome graphics that the game brought us during the time of the PlayStation 2. However, this is something that most people never found out, because we were mostly focused on the racing part of it.

13 Dogs at Willow Springs

Via GTPlanet

This one might not be one of the most exclusive Easter eggs that you can find in the games, but one of the biggest things that the Gran Turismo franchise does is add dogs wherever they can.

These dogs can be found at the Willow Springs track, outside of one of the houses. This is only one of the times you can see dogs placed in the Gran Turismo games, in fact, there are quite a few instances where you can see similar ones in GT4 at other tracks.

12 Orient Watch GT300 BRZ

Via GTPlanet

This golden find is one that you can easily overlook. This is actually an Orient watch, which is a big partner with Subaru. In the GT300 BRZ that you can find in the game, you can actually spot one of these watches in the car.

The watch is actually found inside of the car next to its display. You have to be in cockpit view as well, but just a quick look around and you can spot this beauty.

11 Moving Escalators

Via Gamespot

This one is quite a bit more difficult to find, but in the Tokyo track, along one of the corners, you can find this Easter egg. For this one, you can actually see the escalators moving in the background of the track.

This is one of the few Easter eggs that actually is a moving one. You can see both of the escalators moving up and down as you are racing around the track. This was an attempt to actually get the background of the game looking more realistic.

10  Mercedes-Benz Vision GT Concept

Via Road and Track

Now here is an Easter egg that has slowly made its way into the actual real-life world. This car was actually made alongside the Gran Turismo developers and designers in order to create a car that was truly stunning.

You can see here, that there are even little details that pay homage to the Gran Turismo and PlayStation world. In the headlight of the actual car, you can see the signature button pattern of the PlayStation controller. This car was actually showcased in the game as well.

9  Gran Turismo 5 Arena Easter Egg

via Gamespot

Of the many things that you can do in the Gran Turismo games, finding ways around the map is one of the easiest things to do, even if you are playing multiplayer. This gives you the ability to get outside of the map, and you even can find some Easter eggs as well.

There is one person after you get out of the map, that actually is floating in mid-air. This is either a glitch or something that was purposely placed there. Either way, this made it to our list of Gran Turismo Easter eggs.

8 Jets and Disappearing Contrails

Via Gamespot

There are many things that continue to amaze us about the Gran Turismo franchise. This is one of those things that just keeps on giving. Not only can you find another way outside of the map on GT4 but you also can see some interesting things in the sky.

Notice how there are jets that are flying overhead, they also are leaving their signature contrail. However, periodically, these trails actually start disappearing. This is not only an Easter egg, but it also is something cool to see.

7 Two People Boating

Via PlaystationTrophies

It isn't enough that you got to see the Loch Ness monster in the game, but in the same lake, you actually can see these two. There are quite a few of these style Easter eggs embedded in the Gran Turismo games, but none like this.

Think about this, you have the Loch Ness monster actually right next to these guys who are boating around in the lake. This isn't just humorous, it is something that gives us something to search for.

6 Monkey in a Tree

Via Playstationtrophies

Gran Turismo is the game that just keeps on giving when it comes to Easter eggs. We have gone through some of the most notable Easter eggs so far, and then we come to this one. Here you can see, there is a monkey in a tree.

The ironic part about this is that the track in question where the monkey is at is the same one where you can find the Loch Ness monster. Now isn't that something to question? Either way, Gran Turismo doesn't disappoint when it comes to giving us these gems.

5  Famous Polygon Developer

Via YouTube

If you were one of the developers of Gran Turismo Sport you would have to put yourself in the game somehow right? This was the case for one of the most famous developers from Polygon, the company that helped design Gran Turismo Sport.

This is at Willow Springs, where we will also be able to find a few more Easter eggs a bit later when we continue along this list. But this is a great start to find some of the hidden gems in the newest of the Gran Turismo franchise.

4  Spectators in the Hot Air Balloons

Via YouTube

Back at Willow Springs again, here we can see something very interesting in the hot air balloons above the track. During the daytime event at Willow Springs, you can see there are various hot air balloons hovering above the ground.

Believe it or not, there are actually spectators that were placed inside of these hot air balloons. It isn't anyone famous, but it is still a very interesting Easter egg to find in the game that just keeps on giving.

3 Undriveable Audi RS4

Via YouTube

Another one from Willow Springs, we have a car that can be found outside of one of the buildings that is off in the distance of the track. The car in question is the infamous Audi RS4. Unfortunately, this one doesn't move, but it is a gem to find.

While Gran Turismo places these Easter eggs in interesting spots, they also know how to place things that people who love the game will appreciate the work that goes into placing them.

2 Sonic the Hedgehog

Via YouTube

It is not uncommon to see some of the most iconic video game characters in the world, placed as Easter eggs in other games. Fortunately, Gran Turismo is no different, as you can see one of the most well known Sega characters was placed at Suzuka.

You can see a full advertisement of the iconic character at the starting line of the track. There even is references to Sega as a brand as well. This is something neat to see, as during the time of GT4 you might have been able to guess that this reference would happen.

1 iRacing in Gran Turismo Sport

Via YouTube

This time it is in the most recent of the Gran Turismo franchise, Gran Turismo Sport. You can see a sponsor board of iRacing.com at one of the tracks.

Not only is this ironic, but it also gives a bit of an insight into the making of Gran Turismo Sport. Did this Easter egg point to one of the developers of the simulation style physics? We can only come up with our own judgments of this Easter egg in Gran Turismo sport, but it is also a gem to find as is.

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