Slowest Cars In Grand Theft Auto V, Ranked

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for its speedy cars and dangerous hijinx, but that doesn't mean players can't take things slow in-game.

When gamers got their hands-on Grand Theft Auto 5, one of the first things that they wanted to do was find the fastest supercars on the game to race around the city streets or cruise up into the mountains.

Of course, the game is absolutely packed with incredibly fast cars all capable of getting away from the police or winning a drag race, but sometimes the missions require that the gamer have to use much slower vehicles.

In order for the game to be as realistic as possible, there is a real mixture of vehicles to use, and there are some incredibly slow ones out there, and, within this article, we will rank 10 of the slowest available.

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10 Bus

It should go without saying that a bus isn't an incredibly fast vehicle, as that is the case in real life as well as in the video game, with Rockstar not changing things up when it comes to buses just for the sake of the game.

The bus does get shifting eventually if you manage to get a long stretch of road without much traffic, as weaving in and out of it is impossible in a vehicle this size, but that is rare and, because of that, you're normally stuck to a very slow-moving pace here.

However, even though the buses are incredibly slow, you can have a whole lot of fun at the wheel of one, from picking up strangers on the route, to causing mass destruction on the roads due to the size and power of the vehicle.

9 Armored Truck

Another example of a very slow vehicle is the armored truck, which can be found in both the GTA V campaign and online modes. While they usually contain over $3,000 inside, they don't make the greatest getaway vehicles afterward.

Robbing one of these will instantly get you at least two stars, but you would be smart to have another vehicle nearby afterward so you can get away from the police to avoid being busted.

One benefit of driving in these is that they have bulletproof tires that allow you to avoid any puncture problems while driving with them, although you cannot modify them or park them in your garage.

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8 The Rhino

The inclusion of The Rhino really should not surprise anybody—after all, it is a tank, so the expectation here is that it's going to be pretty slow, with this vehicle being a purchasable option online for $1.5 million (in the game's currency).

Thankfully, this isn't a vehicle that people really expect to be incredibly quick, and nobody purchases The Rhino expecting that it will be able to win a drag race in a hurry, with this being all about the power.

While the Rhino is incredibly slow, it more than makes up for that in the sheer amount of damage that it can cause, with this vehicle causing real mayhem within the game.

7 Dump Truck

Again, this isn't exactly a vehicle that is expected to go fast, with this being a classic example of how Grand Theft Auto 5 features all sorts of vehicles, with some being placed in to make the game feel realistic.

At the end of the day, building sites need to have the right sort of vehicles inside otherwise it looks ridiculous, and a dump truck is an example of something you would expect to see on a building site.

You can buy and own this vehicle in the online version for $1 million, but you would certainly be better off putting your money elsewhere as this is a fairly pointless vehicle.

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6 Tow Truck

While many of the vehicles on this list aren't ones that you have to drive and experience, the tow truck is something that you will certainly end up getting behind the wheel of—at least once or twice.

While the truck doesn't play a part in the main storyline, it is part of a side mission for Franklin, with the vehicle being used to go pick up other vehicles in need, although you won't do it very fast.

While the one Franklin uses is the same each time, there are plenty of tow trucks around, often being found around Paleto Bay, but they aren't any faster.

5 Dock Handler

You will find this vehicle, as the name suggests, at the Docks, and it is something that you will have to use within Grand Theft Auto 5 at some point, with one of the main missions requiring you to get behind the wheel of this vehicle.

It is a fairly frustrating mission and isn't one you want to start if you are in a hurry because the Dock Handler is incredibly slow and never seems to pick up any real pace, especially once you have picked up a container.

This really is one of those useless vehicles that was placed into the game to flesh out an area and was then thrown into a mission to make it feel like it had a purpose.

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4 Lawnmower

Okay, so this is a vehicle that is so slow that you can actually run faster than it, so if you're in the need for a vehicle desperately and you see one, don't bother as the lawnmower will actually slow you down.

Just because it has wheels and an engine doesn't mean that it is going to be any quicker than your trusted two legs, with this being one of the slowest vehicles ever created for Grand Theft Auto.

Obviously, a lawnmower isn't exactly designed to be breaking any speed limits, but the game could have designed it to at least be faster than running, rendering this very pointless.

3 Bulldozer

Yet another vehicle that is created more for a purpose rather than for quick driving, the bulldozer is unsurprisingly one of the games slowest moving vehicles, especially on the roads.

This vehicle is designed for uneven terrain and because of that, it is quite effective when around the building site due to its huge tires, but outside of that area, it is pretty much useless.

However, should you want to really cause some carnage on the streets, then get yourself into the bulldozer, as you will really be able to destroy some supercars. That is, if you can catch them first.

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2 Fieldmaster

Man, this vehicle is a real drag and it is unlikely you will ever want to pop in and go for a ride, but should you decide that the Fieldmaster is for you, then be prepared to move very slowly.

This is the modern counterpart to the tractor, which is the only reason it doesn't take the top spot on this list, with the vehicle that is inspired by the John Deere 7810, barely moving at speed.

The Fieldmaster is enclosed, unlike the tractor, and it doesn't have the benefit of other vehicles with large tires, as the Fieldmaster's tires can actually be punctured, making it even less impressive.

1 Tractor

This industrial vehicle is certainly the slowest option on the game, resembling the early 1900s style of a tractor, Grand Theft Auto V decided to have this vehicle resemble the classic Fordson Model F.

This rusty vehicle isn't something that many people are going to choose to ride around on, with the two big wheels at the back and smaller wheels at the front meaning this tractor isn't going to be picking up much speed anytime soon.

While it isn't too bad on the dirt as it has plenty of traction, the lack of power behind this old-school ride makes this an incredibly slow option for people to choose.

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