10 Great Used Cars You Can Get For Less Than $10,000

Cars are necessary for most people. They are a method of transportation, whether it's for commuters or for the whole family. That's why cars should always be reliable and durable. Although most cars come at a steep price, they are either brand new or they have amenities that raise their price. That's why choosing to purchase a used car may be the best option. Most used cars that are bought from a dealership are reliable and durable. They won't break your bank account, meaning you can get a decent car at a much lower price, here are 10 cars you can get for less than $10,000.

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10 2011 Toyota Camry

Who doesn't love a good Toyota? The cars have been proven to withstand the test of time. If you are looking for a good used car, a 2011 Toyota Camry might just be the best option. The midsize car offers five seating options for any average family. The 4-cylinder car is perfect for the commuter who won’t need a fast car, but the 6-cylinder is available for those who want a little more kick out of the car. The car might have a few years on it but it is still a perfect option for drivers of all ages. The current dealer value for the used car ranges from $6,416 - $8,953.

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9 2009 Toyota Avalon

Another Toyota car that has been proven to hold its own against all odds. This great value car won't be the last on this list but it will hold out against the others. The car very similar to the Camry offers nearly the same amenities. A 6-cylinder engine that allows users all the force necessary to take this car anywhere it needs to go. The car is much larger than the Camry, having a larger cabin and trunk. This means more space, the perfect addition for any family who enjoys road trips. The car at a dealership is sold anywhere from $7,072 - $8,757.

8 2013 Honda Civic

When looking for a used car, buyers really have to take into consideration the ability of the car to function as well as it should. The Honda Civic offers just that; the car operates smoothly and efficiently, with low operation costs. It is an efficient car for those owners who don't want to spend a fortune on gas and maintenance. The car is very compact, so it won't occupy much space for parking. The car is amongst the best because they don't tend to be much of a hassle for any driver. It is a perfect option for young drivers and elderly drivers. It currently retails from $8,558-$9,661.

7 2011 Honda Accord

Whether you were looking to get this car new or used, it is a great option. Much like the Camry, this is a midsize car that offers all that drivers could want. It is a simple car that has a very standard size inside and out. The car comes in both a 4-cylinder version and a 6-cylinder version. While it might not be an incredibly cool car, it does get the job done for many situations, and it is guaranteed to last a long time. It's a comfortable car that won't bring any hassle while driving. It retails at a good price, coming out at $9,760.

6 2012 Mazda Mazda3

Sedans are always good cars. Despite the semi-formal look, this car serves as an everyday option that won't cost a fortune. Having two different styles, it's a good car for those in need of a carrier car or a simple everyday car. This car comes with an average size and shape. It is nothing out of the ordinary. It is handling, however, is something to look up to. Much like most Mazda’s it has a fun handling system that will never make driving a bore. With smooth steering, this is a car for anyone. Being priced at $6,478 - $8,033, it’s a viable option for many drivers.

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5 2010 Toyota Prius

Back to it with the Toyotas, they do live up to their trustworthy nature. The cars that offer lifelong security make up a large part of this list. Most of them have the same specs, having multiple versions of either 4-cylinders or 6-cylinders. The Prius is one of the more unique Toyota cars. These cars are the most energy-efficient and deliver the best for your buck when it comes to commuting or long-distance drives. The Prius is a great hybrid car that will help save on buying gas at the pump. It is viable for both cramped urban jungles, or long highways. This car retails from $7,027 - $8,950.

4 2011 Toyota Corolla

The car that is known to live forever. Honestly, you can never go wrong with a Corolla, even the 1999 version of this car can still run smoothly. These cars, like many other Toyotas, are compact, and cost-efficient. They require minimal care and they seem to operate better than most modern cars. These are only offered in a 4-cylinder version. Which means that they don't have the same power that a 6-cylinder car would offer. Nevertheless, these cars are small and fit nearly everywhere, they come at a very affordable price, retailing from $6,120 - $7,995. Considering the number of years buyers get from these cars it is very reasonable.

3 2010 Subaru Outback

Small cars are a thing of the past with the Subaru Outback. This car offers all the versatility an outdoors person needs. The car is a combination of an SUV and a wagon, both made for heavy loading. This model offers a 6-cylinder engine, making it the perfect vehicle for those in need of a car that can handle long trips and lots of gear. This model can drive in all weather conditions and terrains with AWD. It comes with five seats, perfect for anyone who enjoys traveling on the road. The car retails at $6,344 - $8,551. The price is much lower than other cars that have a similar or smaller style.

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2 2013 Kia Soul

These unique cars look nothing like regular cars. Their boxed design is perfect for the driver looking to stand out on the road. These cars offer easy handling despite their shape, and they are very durable and comfortable. While they might not be as widely known as Honda or Toyota, these cars are known to offer space for lots of stuff or general items that have to be placed in the trunk of the car. They have a large cabin while the exterior isn't very large. The car offers reliable mileage, being an economically efficient car, it is the perfect car for a commuter. The car retails for $8,300.

1 2012 Subaru Legacy

When considering buying a car, size and reliability are of great concern. That's why the Subaru Legacy is the perfect option for those not willing to commit to an SUV. The restyled car resembles a sedan but offers the same all-wheel-drive that comes with an SUV. It is comfortably designed to be large and comfortable. Perfect for families. This car handles easily despite its size and is suitable for all terrains. It is a 6-cylinder car much like all other sedans, so it isn't the most fuel economic car. The retail price for the car varies, typically ranging from $7,164 - $9,627.

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