Watch Nissan GT-R With Enormous Wings Perform Hillclimb Race In Record Time

That double-winged Nissan GT-R from April might look ridiculous, but it's already setting records at hillclimb competitions.

Watch Nissan GT-R With Enormous Wings Perform Hillclimb Race In Record Time

Remember that Nissan GT-R with two enormous wings from a few months ago? It’s back, and it’s winning races.

Despite looking for all the world like a World War 1 biplane that had suddenly grown into a Nissan GT-R, the Franco Scribante Racing project car is not just a ridiculous exercise in downforce. It actually won its debut race, and more than that, it set a course record.

As a reminder, this car was made in three weeks to take on the world's toughest hillclimb courses. Those wings are to ensure that maximum downforce is achieved at all speeds on tracks that are located at extremely high altitudes. In addition, the fine folks working for Franco Scribante somehow managed to turn the GT-R's 565 hp V6 engine into a 1,600 hp monster. And that's at the rear wheels.

It's capable of pulling 2,000 horsepower, but then there would likely be reliability issues.

According to Hillclimb Monsters, the car achieved its incredible power after being provided "a Billet Winberg Crankshaft, Billet Conrods, Forged Pistons, Oversized Valves, higher lift and duration Camshafts, dry sump system, Alpha Carbon Fibre Intake Manifold, and x12 Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors." It also received a high-strength G6R transmission from Dodson Motorsport and a diet that dropped its dry weight down to just 2866 lbs.

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Oh, and that wing on the front? It might have been stolen from a Porsche 911 GT3.

But back to the race. The Scribante Hillclimb GT-R debuted at the Simola Hillclimb race in South Africa last May, and it made quite the splash once it arrived. In its first run, the car set a course record of 38.5 seconds for the modified saloon class. Then in the Top 10 shootout that pits the top 10 cars against each other, the GT-R won again in a time of 39.340 seconds.

Check out the video above to see the car hitting each curve at speeds that would send a normal car tumbling down the mountain. The second race took place when it was almost dark, and since the GT-R has no headlights, the driver could barely see where he was going. That takes some serious cojones.

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