This Is A Hammock-Based Automobile That Looks As Comfy As It Does Insane

Most people find a car's cabin to be relatively comfortable, but is it as comfortable as a hammock? No, of course not.

This Is A Hammock-Based Automobile That Looks As Comfy As It Does Insane

A Dutch YouTuber decided to build a car that you can drive from a hammock, which looks about as comfortable to drive as it does insane.

Last time we heard from Dutch gearhead MasterMilo82, he had converted an old Volkswagen Golf into a puke machine with the help of Russian YouTuber Garage54. And by that we mean he’d attached roll rails made out of tubular steel to turn his car into some sort of rolling terror mobile. We can’t imagine it was all that fun, even though the two of them seemed to enjoy their rolling.

Now we return to Milo’s channel to see his latest creation, a car that eschews the comfort of a cabin for the even greater comforts of a hammock.

Let’s think about this for a moment: hammocks are great. They’ve got built-in shock absorption thanks to their springy, strung material, and you’re extra comfy from a reclined position.

The only downside is that you occasionally swing in the breeze, and given the fact that Milo’s creation has no windshield and can potentially travel up to 60 mph, there will definitely be a lot of breeze.

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So how do you make a hammock car? First, you remove the car’s interior (in this case, a beat-up Suzuki from God knows when), and then cut off the roof. Once you’ve got a vehicle that’s little more than four wheels, an engine, and a door, you weld the doors together to strengthen the chassis. Since the roof is actually integral to the car’s structure, this is necessary to prevent excessive warping of the chassis.

Next, remove the hood and weld some scaffolding to the tower struts. This will serve as the hammock’s mount. Finally, extend the steering wheel to the hammock via a series of linkages, and cludge together a rudimentary brake and accelerating system using a single cable and a lever.

What you get is this monstrosity that seems as comfy as it does dangerous. But hey, it’s good for a laugh, right?

(via Jalopnik)

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