Harley-Davidson LiveWire Specs Revealed

Harley-Davidson has revealed the LiveWire electric motorcycle in an attempt to reinvent themselves as the electric bike company.

Harley Davidson Livewire Specs Revealed

Harley-Davidson has unveiled their new electric motorcycle, the LiveWire.

It’s CES time once again in sunny Las Vegas, and that means all sorts of transportations companies are unveiling their latest and greatest technologies. One of those companies happens to be Harley-Davidson, and the embattled motorcycle maker is hoping to change their fortunes with the all-new LiveWire electric bike.

Getting to this point has been a journey for Harley-Davidson. Sales of their classic naked motorcycles are way down as millennials opt for more economical alternatives. Hoping to capture a younger generation in the thrall of motorcycle ownership, Harley execs invested heavily in technology from e-bike maker Alta Motors for their first-ever electric motorcycle.

We got a peek at the pre-production model early last year, and while it certainly seemed like an impressive piece of technology, the production version of the LiveWire looks like a far more polished product. Harley manages to keep the overall essence of the bike while it ditches such useless technologies as internal combustion and even a gearbox.

Harley has departed quite a ways from their typical bike style and opted for a more Japanese rider stance. Rather than sitting with back upright, the driver sits lower down and bent forward for better aerodynamic and ride handling.


We don’t have the full list of stats for the LiveWire, but Harley did give us a few juicy tidbits. Zero to sixty is done in just 3.5 seconds thanks to on-demand torque from an electric motor. Regenerative brakes help recharge the battery whenever the bike is in traffic and extend its range to 110 miles.

The LiveWire also comes equipped with Harley’s first technology suite including an LTE modem that connects to your phone via a downloadable app. This app allows the owner to track their bike, receive service reminders, and even review the LiveWire’s vitals.

As there’s no engine, Harley had to create something to let the driver know the bike is even on. What they settled for is something that has a strange resemblance to a small jet engine, which is a confusing choice.

However, the shocker is in the price tag: MSRP starts at $29,799. That’s as much as a fully equipped touring motorcycle and is more than a lot of expensive sports bikes.

Time will tell on whether or not the LiveWire is enough to keep Harley-Davidson afloat.


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