10 Best Hatchbacks For New Parents

Hatchbacks are brilliant for parents, as they provide more than enough space for bags and children. These ten cars are the best for new families.

A new baby can be expensive, as well as messy, which is why you need to find the perfect car to go with your new family. Your child deserves to ride in a safe and reliable vehicle, but one that also has room for a stroller, diaper bag, and humongous car seat. It might pain you to give up your tiny sedan, but hatchbacks are truly the way to go when it comes to children.

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Hatchbacks were made with families in mind, as they provide plenty of room, as well as an affordable vehicle that your bank account will enjoy. Babies can be expensive, but it's up to you to keep them safe on the road while still finding a vehicle that fits your budget. We have scoured U.S. News & World Report to find the most amazing hatchbacks for your family. Keep reading to learn about the ten best 2019 hatchbacks for new parents!

10 Hyundai Elantra GT Hatchback

With a high overall rating as well as plenty of safety features to keep your little one safe, the Hyundai Elantra is the perfect vehicle for any new parent. The reviews may not be particularly impressed with the engine's capabilities, but you don't need a speed demon when you have a baby on board.

It has plenty of cargo room with 25 cubic feet for all of the goodies you need to pack on a daily basis and, with a starting price of $20,000, it is affordable. This vehicle even has two full LATCH connectors for car seats and was named a Top Safety Pick+ after successfully completing the six crash test courses designed by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

9 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

This was the first year the Toyota Corolla Hatchback was released and it is perfect for any families who are expecting. The starting price is $20,140 and it has decent gas mileage with a 30/38 mpg.

It might not have as much cargo space as some of its competitors, but your newborn will appreciate the smooth ride and excellent handling. The Toyota Safety Connect system will make you feel safe no matter where you go and they also provide the LATCH anchors that can accommodate any car seat.

8 Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

The Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback has a starting price of $19,600 and is on this list due to its roomy interior. You might want to consider upgrading the interior to something less stainable than cloth, but the 22.7 cubic feet of trunk space should present a convincing case to sign the car's papers at the dealership.

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The Cruze goes the extra mile for car seats with two LATCH connectors, as well as an upper tether anchor, but they are a bit difficult to use. It performed well in its crash tests and has a high-reliability rating by JD Power so you can be sure that your baby will be safe on the road in this vehicle.

7 Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is affordable, reliable, and safe, which is everything you need in your family-oriented hatchback. The cab and trunk provide plenty of room, and the Kia Soul even has an extra burst of speed thanks to its turbo engine for those who enjoy a quick jump when the baby is not in the car. The starting price is $16,490, but parents should consider upgrading to leather because everyone knows babies are messy.

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It also has two LATCH connectors for car seats and an amazing warranty so you don't have to worry about paying out of pocket if something happens to go wrong. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has given this vehicle the prestigious honor of being a Top Safety Pick+, so you can be sure your little one is always safe.

6 Mazda 3

This is just an overall well-rounded vehicle when it comes to reliability, safety, and performance. It combines elegance with a smooth ride, but there have been complaints of a small backseat when compared to other hatchbacks.

The starting price is a bit higher at $23,600, but it is totally worth it when you take into account the drowsiness monitoring, lane departure warnings, and automatic emergency braking. Your baby will always be safe with you behind the wheel of this phenomenal hatchback made for new parents just like you.

5 Volkswagen Golf

This vehicle has a lot of cargo space that is perfect for any new family. Its smooth ride and acceleration make it ideal for anyone looking for something a little extra in their family-oriented vehicle. The 2019 Golf might seem to be averagely priced at $21,845, but upgrading to a better model might requiring spending closer to $40,000. Families should consider upgrading to the synthetic leather seating, as cloth has a tendency to stain easily.

The LATCH connectors have an acceptable rating for their ease of use, and the rear seats are set lower, making it easier to maneuver a baby seat. Drivers will have 22.8 cubic feet of trunk space, but the low-reliability rating might have you looking elsewhere.

4 MINI Cooper

MINI Coopers are known for their above-average handling, but the back seats can be a bit cramped. This isn't to say the Mini Cooper wouldn't be a great fit for you and your family, especially with a starting price of $21,900. It comes standard with synthetic leather, which makes for easy cleanup of spills and other mishaps that might happen with your child.

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It might only have 13.7 cubic feet of trunk space, but when the seats are folded down it can add up to 40.7 cubic feet. It is extremely reliable with a five-star rating from JD Power and was named a Top Safety Pick+ by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

3 Honda Fit

The Honda Fit comes equipped with a boatload of safety features that will leave any new parent drooling. The excellent fuel economy is a nice bonus, while the $16,190 price tag is pretty enticing. You have the option to upgrade to leather seats and the backseat offers plenty of room for you to clip in a rear-facing car seat.

The trunk might only have 16.6 cubic feet of space, but by laying down the rear seats that number jumps to 52.7 cubic feet of room. It is best for those who live within the city, but for those in rural areas, the average reliability rating might have them looking elsewhere.

2 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic Hatchback is tailored to the needs of new parents in terms of its cargo space and fuel economy. Its performance is also a nice touch and the $21,450 is average for its class. There is plenty of room in the back for rear-facing car seats and comes with two LATCH connections, as well as a tether anchor for the middle seat.

The Civic comes with 22.6 cubic feet of trunk space, but you can get more if you go with a higher model. The car comes with a gamut of safety features, although, the low visibility the headlights provide might make you look in a different direction for a family vehicle.

1 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is the only hybrid vehicle to make our list, but that is because Toyota has been in the electric game for longer than many companies. The fuel economy is obviously excellent and the 2019 model even introduced an all-wheel-drive system. It is a bit expensive at around $24,000, but the Prius should save you a decent amount on gas.

While parents should upgrade from cloth to synthetic leather, the Prius was made for car seats, coming with two sets of lower LATCH anchors and three tethers anchors. It has 24.7 cubic feet of room behind the rear seats and the ride is as smooth as butter. The high reliability and safety ratings also put it at the top of any parents list of possible new cars.

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