15 Head Scratching But Hilarious Public Parking Mistakes

These are some of the most head-scratching parking mistakes we can't help but to laugh at.

Let's face it. We've all been frustrated and annoyed when another driver parks their car inconsiderately or in some cases negligently. It's particularly aggravating when it's the parking spot closest to our destination or a designated spot for a special group of people. It usually leaves us searching for another available space that's further away and requires a longer walk, which is not always feasible for the older and handicapped population. Not to mention it's just not a fair thing to do considering how difficult parking lots can be to navigate in the first place. In fact, it's rather perplexing that someone could be so unconcerned by the ways in which their actions affect others.

Still, some drivers are unfazed by any amount of discourteousness committed by parking space violators and instead opt to take matters into their own hands. Sometimes he or she will park anyway, even if the available space is smaller than the size of their vehicle. Others choose to exact revenge on the parking lot perpetrator by either parking extremely close to the vehicle, making it impossible for the driver to re-enter or leaving a strongly worded, handwritten note on the windshield expressing their frustrations. A few will attempt to have the vehicle towed but this option is often the most time consuming and usually doesn't have the highest success rate.

In this list of outstanding parking fails, there are instances that are so dumbfounding, one can't help but laugh at the level of foolishness displayed by the driver.

15 Crossing The Line

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This Lamborghini is absolutely stunning and due to its significant cost, it's definitely not a vehicle that any of us would want incurring any damage. With that being said, it's still clearly in violation here with this inconsiderate diagonal parking job.

While I understand every reason to prevent others from getting too close, at the end of the day it's not an excuse to take up more one space. To make matters worse, one of the spaces is for the disabled. Just because you don't want anyone to park too close, doesn't mean that this type of discourteousness is okay.

14 Two For One Special

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The driver who took this picture did so out of absolute frustration because there weren't any other available spaces in the lot to park. And if the driver of this Porsche wasn't selfish, someone else would have been able to park beside them.

It would take a lot to convince anyone that this wasn't done intentionally. However, last time I checked, passenger cars don't suffer from claustrophobia so parking in this manner doesn't make any sense to me. It's a shame that the picture taker had to spend another 20 minutes circling the lot, waiting for a spot to open up.

13 Parking Wars: Kia vs Chrysler

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The backstory to this parking lot battle is quite comical with an appropriate amount of spitefulness to go along with it. Upon seeing a Chrysler Town and Country intentionally parked over the line at this strip mall, the owner of the Kia Rio wasn't going to let it stop them from taking that spot.

The Kia parked anyway and purposely parked as close as possible to the Chrysler in order to make it extremely difficult for the minivan's passengers to re-enter the vehicle. The sedan owner hoped that a little taste of their own medicine would teach the minivan's owner a much-needed lesson.

12 Backed Into A Corner

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At this outdoor shopping mall, this BMW owner went above and beyond to ensure that no one could park next to their vehicle and potentially damage it. A passing driver looking to park couldn't help but snap of picture of the impolite person that chose to take up two spots at the furthest end of the lot.

While I give the BMW driver credit for at least parking as far as possible from the entrance of the stores, there's no reason to be this overprotective. The spaces are big enough to ensure that any car that parks there doesn't accidentally get dinged up.

11 Green With Envy

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The owner of this Dodge Challenger couldn't believe their eyes upon seeing that the closest spaces to the building were reserved for green cars. Unfortunately, they misunderstood what green vehicle is actually eligible to park in this lot and let's just say that it has absolutely nothing to do with the exterior color.

I personally think that the sign is self-explanatory and doesn't need further clarification. I do find it humorous that a Challenger is probably the least green vehicle available on the market so even with the paint job, it still couldn't pretend to fit into this lot.

10 Curb Your Enthusiasm

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This parking job is difficult to interpret because there's no reason for it at all but I will attempt to explain it anyway. The owner of this Toyota pickup truck either just doesn't care to stay within the space or enjoys parking on curbs and jumping into bushes upon exiting. But I don't see how the latter is preferable for any driver.

With that being said, I wish I had the opportunity to see this pickup driver exit and re-enter the vehicle. Watching him or her struggle would have been the highlight of my day and I probably wouldn't have been able to curb my own enthusiasm.

9 The Yellow Lines Are Invincible

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The owner of this Chevy Cobalt definitely has some explaining to do for this travesty. How does one completely miss a spot this large? This is such a poor job at properly parking that I really find it hard to believe that the driver actually tried. Because if this wasn't done on purpose, then I hope that the owner's next stop is to the nearest eye doctor.

Leaving your vehicle sticking out into the roadway is completely unacceptable, especially when there's ample space for a compact sedan to fit. Let's hope this oversight doesn't lead to the Chevy being hit unintentionally.

8 Making Your Own Rules

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Considering that where this Volvo is parked doesn't have designated striped parking lines and is literally blocking a sidewalk ramp, I think it's safe to say that one is not allowed to park here. However, it does not appear that those details prevent certain drivers from turning this into a makeshift space in desperate times of need.

I personally can't get behind this parking fail because it creates an inconvenience for those who need to use the sidewalk ramp for ease of access. It definitely isn't fair to others and it's probably one of the most inconsiderate moments on this list.

7 This Is A Spot...Right?

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Blocking off an entrance is usually reserved for police and emergency vehicles but it seems as though no one has passed that message along to the driver of this Range Rover Sport. But that's most likely because it's common knowledge and doesn't require an explanation.

This owner refused to park along the sidewalk with the other cars in order to have the shortest possible walk to their destination. I don't believe one could get any closer than this. I hope that a real emergency doesn't present itself and is made worse because of where this SUV is positioned.

6 Parking Wars: Jeep vs Corvette

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Make no mistake about what is going on here. This is the work of someone who was not going to let a little bit of defense parking deter them from fitting into a spot that was unfairly taken. The Corvette pulled in diagonally in an attempt to prevent anyone from getting to close but things didn't quite go as planned.

A Jeep that was looking for an available space to park was not afraid to use the curb to fit in as best as they could. At the same time, the SUV managed to get fairly close to the Corvette, making it difficult for the inconsiderate driver to re-enter their car.

5 Smart Car, Dumb Parking

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Out of all the entries on this list, I can't understand why anyone driving a Smart Car would park this way. One of the spaces by itself is about double the size of this car's dimensions so its hard to justify the need to take up more than one. Nevertheless, the driver still went out of his or her way to be selfish.

The ultimate justice for this level of insensitivity is for another car to park horizontally in front of it. Maybe by being blocked in it would show this owner that their actions have consequences and it doesn't pay to be inconsiderate.

4 Setting A Bad Example

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A passerby spotted this infraction at a local grocery store chain and had to put this driver on blast. Not only did this vehicle not have a handicap placard but it parked across two designated disabled spaces that are already limited as is. There's no reason to be this inconsiderate just to park as close as possible to the entrance.

In this case, I believe this grocery store has a duty to have this vehicle towed, if not fined for parking in this manner. It's the only way to dissuade others from attempting to do the same in the future.

3 When The Cars Align

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This model year Ford pickup truck is not one that is regularly seen on the road these days. So when it's spotted out in the wild like this, it definitely sticks out amongst the sea of modern cars. However, it appears that this owner wanted to draw even more attention to it with this novice parallel parking.

We can rule out this being done on purpose as it appears the owner just isn't the greatest at parking between two cars. Hence why the back half of the pickup is on the curb and it's the only vehicle on the block that is not aligned with the rest.

2 Parking Reserved For Blue Vehicles

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Now, this is the type of car one would expect to be parked in front of a high-end department store such as this one. However, just because the paint matches the color of the designated spot, it doesn't mean that attempting to get away with this park job is in any way acceptable.

The picture taker spotted this vehicle without the proper credentials to be able to park in this designated space and felt compelled to leave a note on the owner's windshield. Either way, a Lamborghini parked in a handicapped spot definitely sticks out like a sore thumb.

1 Car Blocked

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As you can see there are lines painted for approved parking and a gap between them to allow an adequate amount of space for ingress and egress to the flight of steps. However, either this driver didn't get the message or they don't care about the inconvenience this caused.

With this Fiat parked here, imagine the extra effort it now takes for someone using the stairs to carry a bicycle or stroller. It creates an unnecessary hardship for everyone else especially considering that this parking lot is huge and has ample room for a car this small to fit.

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