Check Out A Hellcat Swapped 350Z's Second Test Fit

The Chrysler mechanic in Pennsylvania has updated his Hellcat engine swap in a Nissan 350Z, and now says it'll fit!


The crazy Chrysler Mechanic who’s swapping a Hellcat engine into a Nissan 350Z is back with an optimistic update.

Good news for anyone looking to see a Japanese import sport some American muscle! The insane Chrysler Mechanic from Pennsylvania is back with a new YouTube video providing an update on his pet project.

If you recall from last week, we learned of 3F1DDYZEEJAY’s plan to swap the engine from a Dodge Charger Hellcat into a Nissan 350Z. He somehow managed to acquire the Hellcat engine for a steal and already had the Nissan 350Z just lying around. As a mechanic with dreams, naturally he thought to combine the two into something truly amazing.

But there was a bit of a snag. The 350Z was designed to house a reasonably sized 3.5-L V6 engine and not a 6.2-L supercharged HEMI V8 with over twice the horsepower. From the test fits in his previous video, it looked like the Hellcat’s massive powerplant just wasn’t going to find a home inside the 350Z without a massive undertaking and chassis alterations.

Taking a blowtorch to the 350Z is a lot of work for one guy in Pennsylvania.


Although discouraged, he kept at it, and this week he’s got some great news. After a bit more research, he’s found a way to get the Hellcat engine under the hood and still have room enough to install a transmission, although barely.

The secret weapon, in this case, was a big steel hammer he used to hammer out the firewall. It doesn’t look pretty, but with some good old-fashioned automotive violence, he hammered enough space to fit a transmission bellhousing. It’s tight, but no longer impossible to install the necessary components to make it run.

Although cautiously optimistic, challenges remain. A custom hood will definitely be necessary as there’s no way the stock hood can hit the massive bulging engine. A custom exhaust and radiator are also likely to be necessary. But it’s looking more possible by the day, and that makes us hopeful to see a Hellcat Nissan sometime next year.


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