Hennessey Shows Off What 1,000 HP Corvette Can Do Against A Dodge Demon In Rolling Race

Hennessey has a 1,000 horsepower Corvette upgrade that beats the pants of a Dodge Demon, as their latest video shows.

Demon vs Hennessey Corvette

Hennessey has a 1,000 horsepower Corvette ZR1 upgrade, and it seems to compare favorably to another extremely powerful car, the Dodge Demon.

As we’re all well aware, Hennessey has a penchant for taking North American carmakers and giving them more power than makes sense. Unless you’re Hennessey, in which case the only number that makes sense is “more.”

Which isn’t a number--we know. It’s just that he keeps making more powerful upgrades and it’s hard to actually put a specific value on where it will all end. Other than a hospital.

Anyway, Hennessey has a 1,000 horsepower upgrade for the 2019 Corvette ZR1 (helpfully dubbed the HPE1000 upgrade), and their most recent video shows how well it stacks up against the Dodge Demon, an 840 hp monster that achieved legendary status after running a quarter-mile drag race in just 9.65 seconds.

The video here doesn’t exactly show a drag race. Hennessey admits that not every race will be performed on a prepared surface, and instead, they decided to show just how well the two cars compete on an unprepped surface. You can see that neither the Demon nor the Corvette is wearing drag radials, although we assume the Demon is still being fed the requisite 100-octane racing fuel to achieve it’s 840 hp.

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The Corvette, incidentally, can make 1,000 hp on just 93 octane, which is nice.

Instead of a drag race, these two cars engage in a rolling race starting from just over 30 mph. This prevents the race’s first few moments from degrading into seeing which car’s tires stop spinning first. With a combined 1840 hp, we suspect the tire squeal would have been biblical.

We kinda expected the Demon to put up more of a fight, but it just seems to deflate right after the starting line. The Corvette just walks away, proving that superior power, aerodynamics, and lightness will beat a Dodge muscle car under most circumstances.

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