Watch As Hennessey Builds An 800-HP Cadillac Escalade Engine Piece By Piece


This is how Hennessey makes their 800 horsepower HPE800 Cadillac Escalade upgrade.

Last time we saw Hennessey’s Escalade it was busy racing a Ferrari 488. It didn’t win, but it did manage to give a good account for itself against the Italian supercar despite the fact the Escalade is an enormous SUV at the best of times. After Hennessey is done with it, it’s got an even bigger motor and is even heavier than before.

But it also has 805 horsepower and 812 lb-ft of torque, so it’s almost twice as powerful as stock.

In their latest video, Hennessey shows us how they make the HPE800 from start to finish. First, they take out the 6.2-L EcoTec V8 from the stock Escalade until they’re left with a bare engine bay. They also take out the entire front fascia to make it easier to swing the new engine into place and also so they can replace the intercooler with something a little more suited to keeping an 800-horsepower motor from catching fire.

Next, Hennessey hand assembles a 416 CID stroker motor including honing the block, balancing the crankshaft, installing the cylinders, and testing everything so that it all doesn't explode upon ignition.

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After finally assembling the small block, the motor is installed in the Caddy’s engine bay along with a brand new 2.9-L supercharger. Then the new intercooler is brought in with the front bumper and installed behind the grille.

But that’s not all. Hennessey also creates a custom stainless steel exhaust for every HPE800 Escalade they make. This helps with gas flow but also helps give the HPE800 that incredible soundtrack.

Once installed, the engine is turned on for the first time. However, Hennessey isn’t done yet. Next comes extensive evaluation on the dyno and their real-world test track to make sure everything is in working order. And to see just how fast their latest creation can go.

Hennessey’s video shows their HPE800 reaching a top speed of 124 mph, which is pretty good considering the Escalade is basically a 2-ton SUV.

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