After Exorcist Fails To Deliver, Hennessey's Resurrection Might Be Enough With 1,200 HP

The Resurrection follows in the Exorcist's footsteps as the tuned Chevy Camaro with far more horsepower than sense.

After Exorcist Fails To Deliver, Hennessey's Resurrection Might Be Enough With 1,200 HP

The Hennessey Resurrection is the 1,200-hp evolution of last year’s Exorcist.

A little while ago, The Grand Tour did a head-to-head competition between the Hennessey Camaro Exorcist and the Dodge Demon. The Exorcist, as the name might imply, was marketed by Hennessey as a car that could out-muscle the Demon in a quarter-mile drag race. To do it, Hennessey tuned the Chevy Camaro ZL1-based Exorcist to have an astonishing 1,000 hp.

However, Hennessey failed to upgrade the suspension, brakes, or tires to accommodate that much power, although they did ensure the transmission was strong enough to not shatter into a million pieces as soon as the driver floors it. The result was a car that did have 1,000 hp on the dyno but was unable to actually use all that power either on the drag strip or the street.

After Exorcist Fails To Deliver, Hennessey's Resurrection Might Be Enough With 1,200 HP
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So we arrive at this year’s SEMA Show to see that Hennessey has brought yet another over-powered Camaro and appropriately called it the Resurrection. Presumably because it represents the Exorcist rising from the dead to once again torment the Demon. Or something.

Predictably, Hennessey’s answer to the Exorcist’s problem of being unable to use 1,000 hp is to simply give the Resurrection 200 more hp and once again fail to address anything with the car’s suspension, brakes, or tires.

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So how did Hennessey do it? First, they swapped the Camaro ZL1’s LT4 V8 with the LT5 V8 from the C7-gen Corvette ZR1. Then, they gave it a host of upgrades including a "high-flow air induction system, CNC billet throttle body upgrade, CNC ported factory 2.65L supercharger with a larger intercooler system, custom carbon fiber hood with increased clearance, CNC ported factory cylinder heads, camshaft and valvetrain upgrades, 1 7/8 inch long-tube stainless steel headers with high-flow catalytic converters, fuel system upgrade, engine management recalibration, and chassis dyno tuning."

Then they made it run on E85 racing fuel and called it a day. The net result was a Camaro that produced a peak output of 1,200 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque.

Hennessey says that the Resurrection can run a quarter-mile in 9.3 seconds and run from 0-60 in as little as 2.3 seconds, but we’ll wait for proof before we believe it.

You can buy the Resurrection now for $200,000, which includes the price of a new Camaro ZL1. Production will surely be limited, so best contact Hennessey sooner rather than later.

(Source: Hennessey)

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