Hear The Hennessey Corvette Z06's V8 Engine In Action [Video]

If you love both Hennessey and Chevy, you're going to love this video posted to Hennesey's  YouTube channel. The tuned 2015 Corvette Z06 runs Hennessey's HPE850, giving the car an additional 250 horsepower up from the 650 that the car came stock with. That's a nice little upgrade in terms of power, and it allows the car to hit somewhere in the 130 mph range during the video.

For those interested in hearing the behemoth roaring that Hennessey was able to eek out of the 'Vette, it's loud, boisterous, and everything one actually wants out of a Corvette in its stock state. Hennessey has just been able to make it better and more brash with the modifications. It's certainly something worth checking out.


The Corvettes have slowly been turning from traditional American muscle cars over the years to a highly respected sports car that has the refinement and power to take on European supercars, with these mods and where the Corvette is going with a rumoured mid-engined model spotted in the wild it will be interesting to see what can be done with the platform to make it even more fun and wild to not only see in action but drive as well. The point of entry is also cheaper on the Corvette as well making it a more attractive option for those who have a need for speed on a budget — even if that budget puts it in the $80,000 range. Still, it's more affordable than even the cheapest of Ferraris out there.

The shifting of the 'Vette away from its roots while retaining the qualities that made it a desirable car in the first place has allowed GM to essentially carve out a niche of an affordable supercar — something that the masses certainly do desire. Hennessey is just offering a way to get a fast car even faster and allowing it to compete with greater success against its European brethren and overall that is a really cool thing to see. The mods on this Vette even allow it to do a faster zero to 60 time, allowing it to reach that milestone in 2.6 seconds which is a bit quicker than the zero to 60 time of 2.95 stated for the 2015 models. It can even do a quarter mile in a staggering 10.3 seconds.


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