McLaren Adds New Downforce Pack To Keep 570S Glued To The Track

McLaren Adds New Downforce Pack To Keep 570S Glued To The Track

McLaren has added a new option for the 570S to keep it glued to the track even more than it already is.

British supercar maker McLaren has been doing a lot of interesting things with carbon fiber as of late. Sure, they’ve always made carbon fiber monocoque chassis for their various extreme automobiles, but they haven’t always been in favor of letting that carbon fiber show.

That seems to have changed when it comes to the 570S. First came the carbon fiber exterior pack that applies bare carbon to the side intakes and side mirrors. Then came another carbon fiber pack that added yet more to the front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser. Then McLaren Special Operations Division came along to add yet more carbon to the rear bumper, rear spoiler, and practically the entire front fascia.

Now MSO has returned with yet more carbon, but this time in a purely functional way.

via McLaren

They call it the High Downforce Kit, and it adds a large, all-new carbon fiber win to the rear of the car. It also adds aerodynamic guide vanes to the 570S’s undercarriage to provide a combined 165 lbs of additional downforce between the two.

The new carbon fiber rear wing is "much more than an ‘add-on’ accessory,” according to McLaren, “playing as it does a significant role in further enhancing aerodynamic performance and dynamic ability."

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It’s also very pretty with black aluminum struts and grey inlays as well as the MSO logo embedded in the wing end-plates.

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“We are constantly looking for opportunities to make the latest and very best designs and technologies available not only to new car buyers but also to customers who already own a McLaren,” said McLaren Global Aftersales Director Carl Whipp in a statement. “The new MSO Defined High Downforce Kit is a perfect example of this ethos, offering both a transformative visual enhancement and dynamic benefits.”

The High Downforce kit is available for both the 570S Coupe and Spider for £7,950, or just over $10,000 USD. If you plan on taking your 570S to the track, then this is a must-have add-on.

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