18 Hilarious DMV Photos We Feel Bad For Laughing At

Let's take a look at some hilarious DMV photos that we feel bad for laughing at.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is a place where most people don't tend to find much in the way of fun, humor, or happiness of any kind. The name alone, or its three-letter acronym, often brings a clenching of anxiety and a sinking feeling of dread, even in the best of us. Which is understandable as most times higher-ups tend to get in the way of all things logical, all things amusing, any form or sense of humor, or anything respecting common sense or the valuable time of denizens seeking help. As unfortunate as it is, it's just the unfortunate way things are.

People will often need to schedule an entire day to get even the simplest thing done at the DMV, as long wait times, stretching up to the realm of double-digit hours, paired with the possibility of a complete lack of cooperation from the workers makes for a painfully long and frustrating ordeal. That and it is often that we shell out money in the hundreds of dollars to pay for our beloved cars.

But, all things considered, the joyful human spirit often triumphs, and humor will always reign above seriousness, as many people have demonstrated at the DMV, regardless of the inability for it to be accommodating. The following 20 photos will demonstrate just how humor will always triumph. Let's take a look at some hilarious DMV photos that we feel bad for laughing at.

18 Being Pastafarian

via usatoday.com

One man entered himself into the ranks of legend as he managed to get his driver license photo taken while wearing none other than a colander, the device used to strain pasta, claiming it was an integral part of his faith to wear it upturned upon his head.

While it was later proven to be a farce and henceforth no longer allowed, this man will go down in history as the Pastafarian who convinced those in charge to let him wear a kitchen utensil on his head for his DMV photo. Classic. Just look at his face of triumph.

17 Really? At The DMV?

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One of the most useful facets of the DMV is that they test and verify that all driver licenses issued to citizens are issued to people who have the ability to drive according to the rules of those in charge and secondarily safety. Apparently, though, not many people actually know how to drive.

These two cars have no idea how to park, do they? And all the other cars around them have had to squish in and accommodate the dunces who have no clue how to drive. Talk about hilarious irony.

16 Bad Park Job And Bad Line

via reddit.com

This Camry, if you look close enough, doesn't line up at all with the parking barrier, meaning that his car is almost half way over on the sidewalk. Front row, too, right outside the Department of Motor Vehicles, the place responsible for testing responsible drivers.

Apparently, they're not doing a very good job at it, though. It might have to do something with the fact that people end up spending 90% of their time waiting in line (as you can see by that line) 5% of their time being told to they can't be helped, and maybe 5% of their time actually getting the help they need.

15 Completely Legendary

via theglobeandmail.com

If there ever was a way to ignite and inspire humor, comedy, and some semblance of life back into the dreary gray and dismal halls of the DMV, this might just be the most legendary way to do that.

This man has shaved opposite sides of his facial hair and head, creating a disturbing and strange sight to behold. And a funny one, too. Talk about a true legend, sacrificing all dignity just to make some of his buddies laugh. He'll be basking in the spoils of his legendary actions every time someone needs to see his ID.

14 Every Last Penny

via usatoday.com

If there ever was a way to perfectly define the word "petty" in an action, it would be what this man did to the DMV. In response to having to pay a three hundred dollar motoring fine, this man went to the extreme.

To get them back, he converted the amount of money he needed into pennies. Hundreds of thousands of pennies, what amounted to five wheel barrows full of coins. Talk about an amazing way to get back at the DMV, in the most unique of ways. Yes, someone had to count all those pennies.

13 A Little Too Far There

via reddit.com

This person got quite a bit ahead of themselves here, mere moments before they were about to get their drive test verification too. You could feel bad for them, as they went through all that effort and rigmarole to get the test in the first place.

But, then again, anyone who happens to drive their car up onto the sidewalk like this most definitely should not be verified, and they should not get their license until they can avoid doing this kind of thing. While it's really funny, it's also dangerous.

12 Real Life Zootopia

via loltribe.com

Of all the DMV's in existence, it's possible that this, this right here, is the only example of a worker having something called "a sense of humor." It's an incredibly rare thing, don't you know. Most don't even know what the word "funny" means, and wouldn't be able to use it in a sentence.

Not this person though, as they've decided to embody the satire found in the movie Zootopia, where a sloth painfully, I repeat painfully, helps the two main characters, at a pace that almost makes you want to scream. Just like the real DMV. Too funny.

11 Slowing Down The DMV Even More

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Paying a speeding ticket or some kind of traffic infraction is something that all of us resent doing. Why would anyone want to have to pay an excessive amount of money for something they did wrong? Obviously, these rules are in place to keep us all safe and to keep the roads safe, but that doesn't mean it doesn't bite.

Especially when it's unfounded or unfair, as is often the case. This leads to people trying to get back if they can (hint, contesting your ticket in court isn't as hard or scary as it sounds). And in this case, someone decided to slow down the DMV even more, by paying their fine in all pennies. Nice one.

10 Too True

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It's a mystery as to whether or not this person wore that shirt to the DMV on purpose, or if it was just a glorious aligning of the stars. And though we can't see this man's face or the expression on it, we might be able to guess that he completely agrees with the sentiments on his shirt.

It's often the case, especially when for some mysterious reason the clerk can't or won't help you, that it seems like there is no place on the earth that is more soul-sucking than the DMV, and if there ever were a place, here is were fun would come to die.

9 Watch Out For The Wall

via loltribe.com

Once upon a time, this was a wall, and once upon a time it held a sign that read "DMV drive test parking only." That was, until one fateful day, someone made a rather big mistake on their driving test, one that likely got them an F.

They drove straight into the cinder block wall behind the parking space they were supposed to end their test at. This led to the wall being knocked completely over, and likely a very irate instructor. It's an obvious fail on his part, as it's just not okay to go around crashing into walls.

8 Parking Lot Blunder

via carthrottle.com

This person is totally killing it with their park job. They must be an amazing driver. They might even be a professional stunt driver, or perhaps they are a chauffeur for some high ranking someone or other. They clearly know their way around a Hummer.

And that is actually probably the problem. Sarcasm aside, it's unlikely that anyone who actually owns a Hummer would be good at driving. If they're willing to spend a phenomenal amount of money for one of the worst quality cars ever made, just to get a chance at destroying the environment even further, then the DMV should probably just take their license away.

7 Failed The Easiest Part

via reddit.com

Someone ran right into the cement pillar on the sidewalk while they were trying to park their car. While this isn't the most unusual mistake to make, it is a rather silly one, and one that more people than should probably do in their driving careers.

But, the humor really comes into play here when we realize that the parking spot is for the students of the driving test at the DMV. Which means that whoever did this started their driving career off by failing the easiest part of the driving test, parking the car. Hysterical.

6 Look At The DMV Trying To Be Relevant

via twitter.com

The DMV is often in charge of these digital road signs, and most of the time they are dry, soulless messages that mainly serve to distract drivers from the interstate they're driving on and the actual environment they're driving in.

But occasionally there is a message that breaks through the bonds and actually has an engaging message, like this one, where they're at least attempting to be relevant and in this century, though no one has IM'ed in a decade.

5 No Wonder It Takes So Long

via deskgram.com

The long wait at the DMV can easily be compared to a prison sentence, or a death sentence, or any other number of time-consuming life sucking things. Due to the general process of things, the entirely outdated systems, the mysterious chronic lack of staff, and the overwhelming overflow of demand, this is just the way the DMV is.

Apparently, it's also because the employees play solitaire whilst people are waiting for help for endless hours. Apparently, there have been cases of employees getting paid for countless hours of sleeping on the job. Games and sleeping, maybe I should work here.

4 No Attitude Allowed

via funnyism.com

If this is the workers of the DMV attempting to have a sense of humor, it's really just sad. It also points to the way that they think of us as denizens, which reveals just why there are so many issues with getting anything done at the DMV.

The worst part is that any kind of objection, according to many DMV stories, or any request for accurate information and/or further help, calling for a manager, etc, is almost always interpreted as being "grouchy, irritable, or just plain mean." Which leaves us with no choice but to grin and take it.

3 Poor Man Still Had To Wait Five Hours

via lanews.com

Sometimes it might seem like a good idea to get up an extra three hours early and wait outside the doors of the DMV, just to get a good spot in line, the first spot, so that then, logically, you wouldn't have to wait for hours and hours on end.

Of course, normal logic and common sense just don't apply here. Many stories will tell the mysterious things that happen when you arrive early. Just like this man, for no apparent reason, you will likely have to wait for many hours anyway.

2 How Did This Pass?

via jalopnik.com

First off, whoever it was that came up with this was a genius. This is perhaps one of the best vanity plates out there. It's so simple, so funny, and the perfect amount of inappropriate. It's really a great surprise that it slipped over the DMV, but we're all glad it did.

"Eat the kids first," a legendary license plate if there ever was one. The handprints are great, too, as they add a certain level of sinister tone that only adds to the classic humor of it. Bravo to this person, whoever you are.

1 In What World?

via postcrescent.com

In what world would anyone get a license plate that reads "DMV ROX?" Unless they were perhaps going to get a huge discount on their registration fees, and all the other fees imposed by those in charge, it doesn't make sense why someone would actually think this.

Perhaps things are just that different in Alaska, maybe the DMV is the equivalent of paradise on Earth, instead of embodying what it must be like to be stuck in the depths of Hades itself.

Sources: LOL Tribe, Jalopnik & USA Today

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